After decades of being resolutely scorned, ‘80s fashion is back on the runways in an all-encompassing way. While many have described the 1970s as “the decade that style forgot,” its rehabilitation in fashion terms began in the mid-1990s with Tom Ford’s Gucci and Muiccia Prada’s “geek-chic” collections; the ‘80s comeback has taken far longer. Though specific influences have appeared in collections over the last few years, they have appeared as isolated ideas rather than a full-fledged trend—a trend that actually incorporates a myriad of diverse aspects from what Tom Wolfe’s so memorably called, “the Me decade.” Eighties haute couture and prêt-à-porter represent the greatest current influence, yet subcultural styles from new wave to hip-hop have also been mined and pillaged by designers both too young to remember and those old enough to have worn these styles the first time.

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