For collectors, a new addition is never just a mere item. There’s purpose in the pursuit and the item serves as a physical representation of that search. Everything in Alexis Quintero’s wardrobe has a story and it’s just as important as the piece itself. Over time, the model, creator, and consultant has amassed a cool collection of vintage designer pieces around that same narrative. It is the story, after all, that connects us. This served as the starting point for a recent project with Nike, where she had the opportunity to reinterpret four signature silhouettes in a way that speaks to who she is and where she’s from. Her personal wardrobe combines the best of high-end and streetwear labels with a signature style comprised of bright colors and unique silhouettes. We recently spoke with Alexis to find out the story behind some of her favorite pieces, the importance of patience, and how she remains true to her individuality.

Photography by Rashaun Richardson.