At Grailed and Heroine, it should come as no surprise that we love to shop. But this had us wondering: who fills the stores with our favorite products, and how do they curate what’s available to cop? In this joint series, Grailed and Heroine are seeking out the buyers at their favorite shops, storefronts and retail spaces to get a feel for the work they do behind the scenes season after season. This is the Buyer’s Guide.

From Paris to New York City, designers are debuting their Spring/Summer 2019 collections at fashion week runways around the world. For SSENSE’s menswear buyer, Alix Rutsey, fashion week is the busiest time of year: she’s attending various shows, market appointments and keeping a running list of must-have collections ranging from Raf Simons and Balenciaga to Alyx Studios to supplement SSENSE’s menswear roster. We spoke to Alix about how her team buys, her views on the resale market and what she considers a Grail.

Photography by Georgia Bayliss.