If you’re going to let anyone influence you online, let it be Alyssa Coscarelli. The ex-Fashion Market Editor for Refinery29 and now full-time freelance creative (writing, editing, consulting—you name it) is as talented and bright as she is kind and amicable—someone you meet once and instantly want to be best friends with. But unfortunately for us (and fortunately for her), Alyssa is busy; she’s constantly Ubering, working, creating—all in dedication to building up her personal brand and developing her expertise. A simple Google search reveals the extent of work she’s done to make a name for herself in the industry thus far...and this is just the beginning.

I spent an afternoon with Alyssa exploring the neighborhood that surrounds her East Village apartment, picking her brain on everything from making it in fashion to being consistently kind. If you haven’t yet had the chance to run into Alyssa on the streets of Lower Manhattan, consider this your informal introduction.

Photography by Marielle Sales