"I want to be honest about the world that we live in, and sometimes my political persuasions come through in my work. Fashion can be really racist, looking at the clothes of other cultures as costumes...that's mundane and it's old hat. Let's break down some barriers."
– Lee Alexander McQueen

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There's a reason why sixties hippies ached for the Age of Aquarius. Water-bearers are attuned to the collective unlike any other sign. That much was true during January’s potent Full Moon Eclipse. Directly opposing Leo, you had the premier vantage point for the stark revelations that set the stage for February, just like you saw through the bullshit of the Solar Eclipse last summer. With Jupiter sitting pretty in your house of occupations, many of those reverberated truths are tied to your true calling. Maybe it’s suddenly clear that your career could better serve the world you live in, big or small, or that giving so much to others at work sucked you dry like a Mad Max desert. Whatever was brought to light below the dark side of the Moon, prepare for a succession of gauntlets thrown before your life's work by your inner life. Venus challenges Jupiter as she makes her final lap in Aquarius on the 4th, forcing tough choices between her creature comforts and the expansion of your vocation. The Sun follows suit on the 10th, with your honest ego needs challenging your burgeoning reputation. Make these difficult decisions and stick to them, because the Aquarian Solar Eclipse on the 15th will make tuning into your values tricky amidst the din of the material realm.

This year, the world is calling your name. You feel compelled to travel undiscovered realms, real places and destinations we can only see with our third eyes. But as Pisces season closes in, you best stay wary of the secret, subconscious locales you tend to soak inside for safety. Past traumas and final fantasies are all set to sting your insecurities regarding your budding explorations in the first weeks of February. On the 4th, it'll be Venus rushing random romantic memories against your urge to expand. Then, on the 10th, with relationships shoved to the forefront of your thoughts, the Sun attacks Jupiter and undermines your self-esteem regarding your far-reaching dreams and ambitions. Don't let stupid planetary progressions stand in the way of soul-seeking. By the time the 21st rolls around, your rich imagination will be reinvigorated by Venus' potent conjunction with Neptune at the heart of your sign. If you allow yourself the space and permission to dream big, this could be a killer day for brainstorming your upcoming quests or artistic aspirations. The crazy collision of transits on the 25th demands you take action and instigate instead of waiting in the wings while other animals choose your fate. Mercury slides by Neptune, defogging the glass shielding your dreams, while Venus and Mars come to a head the same day, making it clear that we must balance yin and yang to actually manifest those ideations.

In the wake of the Blue Blood Moon Eclipse, you feel reinvigorated and reconnected to your creative passions. What a wonderful way to kick off a year in which your shit is about to get really real, as Saturn rips through your house of professions and prestige with the sadistic slow pace of a sticky Band-Aid. Watch out for the less-friendly partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on the 15th, as your relationships with friends and coworkers are ripe for meaningless miscommunications and drama distracting you from your renewed drive. You can set things straight on the 17th, when the Sun joins Mercury in your house of groups and cliques to shine light on any lies, and Mars challenges the ever-elusive fantasy planet Neptune with the actual facts. With Pisces season settling in, watery and wishy-washy transits abound at the end of the month. Confusing communications abound on the 25th and the 28th, with Mercury sloshing through the swamp of your house of secrets. When you revisit your New Year’s resolutions, they might feel newly abstract; unattainable or untenable. Remind yourself often that the lessons that Saturn is hammering into your head are all about self-discipline; stick to it despite how daunting and distant your goals can feel.

After this past month’s Eclipse in your house of home and family ties, you’re weirdly wired: drained from solving long-brewing conflicts that might’ve afflicted you since childhood, but anxious to throw yourself at the rest of your life. Your ruler, Venus, dangles promises over your house of careers, and Jupiter tempts and tantalizes from your house of romance. Indulge that optimism and take a break from your comfort zone. Seize the first weeks of February, especially the days surrounding the 4th, and humor the invitations you’ve been ignoring as a change of pace from your dim winter cavern. But balance this eager optimism with a sense of caution and self-preservation. These fresh opportunities will be fun and exciting, but they might not be your forever-lover or dream job. Dabble around instead of diving in. The days around the 21st are perfect to putter around and party it up, with Venus cuddling up to Jupiter in your house of friends and socializing. This quixotic atmosphere is a welcome respite from last year’s darker deluge, and you deserve to luxuriate in the arms of those who adore you. Just be sure to check your calendars twice and set an away reply if you’re actually on vacation. Your holiday spirt could easily spin a soft spiral into sloth, and you don’t want to start such a promising year by lapsing into laziness.

The January 31st Eclipse spelled out some startling truths for you, Gemini. And while flipping the script and reinventing your reality is kind of your thing, it’s not an excuse to discount these knotty discoveries. Time to take a deep breath and allow these awkward parts to settle. Your health, wellbeing, and working sanity are what’s at stake. On the 13th, Mercury’s siren song threatens the steady work you’ve done to self-care. He wants to try everything, and you know from awful experience that everything at once doesn’t work. If you keep impulse at arm’s reach, this month could make a major difference in your approach to addressing’s Saturn’s strict transit through your house of rebirth. After weeks of input, the 25th provides clues as to how to figure out the output part. The planets plowing through your house of professions—Mercury, Venus, and the Sun—are all activated that same day. Mercury combines with Neptune to kindle rare clarity on your next course of action, Venus squares Mars to ignite your deep-seated drives, and the Sun beams over sulky Saturn with the reminder that the work to channel your shadow side is worthwhile. Continue to pull back as the month comes to a close, especially on the 28th when your ruler is triggered by Mars and Pluto on the same day. It’ll be tempting to instigate instead of directing that critical energy at yourself. Don’t.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it takes you more than a moment to stop reeling from last month’s Leo Lunar Eclipse. You’re the only sign ruled by the Moon. It’s rare that she’s obscured, full, Super, Blue, and Blood(y) on the same day, and she just was. On top of all that, it occurred on the back of the crab in the actual astronomical Cancer constellation. These next few weeks won’t be dulcet vacations, either. This is a no-kidding, intensely emotional window of time. It’s not all bad, especially if you use Jupiter’s blessing in your house of celebrations and creativity to do something with all this angst. One after another, he’ll activate each planet striding across your house of sex and death. The Venusian transit of the 4th is especially attractive if you’re an artistic type, and the Sun’s square on the 10th will trigger exuberance and energy. Obviously, this isn’t the best month for drowning your sorrows in hard drugs or addictive behaviors. You’re especially vulnerable, and you could easily overdo it. Reward yourself around the 21st, when Venus joins Neptune in your house of journeys, with some sort of trip that tempts your spirit. It doesn’t even have to be far—parks, botanical gardens, and suburban escapes would all be soothing balms for your chafed psyche.

Are you sick of Leo Eclipses yet? I, your dear author and fellow lion, am beyond sick of Leo Eclipses. That Lunar Eclipse in February 2017? An excellent jumpstart to radical change, but entirely exhausting. And last summer, when somebody’s president stared straight into the Sun? Awesome advantages and opportunities, and an endless aftermath. If I told you that the ultra-extra Super Blue Blood Frost Moon on the last day of last month was the last Leo Eclipse, I would be a liar. And the zodiac’s royal family may be many lousy things, but we try to be truthful. So look forward to August 11th for another fabulous Solar Eclipse in our sign, and January 5th of next year for another Lunar one. But wait, there’s more! Leo directly opposes Aquarius, so we get a weird double-whammy every time an Eclipse occurs in that sign, too. Think of our experience of a Leo Eclipse like being an oblivious player in an astrological movie, while an Aquarian one is like watching that movie in IMAX with excellent seats. These dates are all connected to an overarching theme in our lives, so don’t hesitate to yank out your datebooks to plan and compare. Eagerly anticipate the 15th of this month, when the Sun is partially obscured in our opposing sign, and the 27th for a Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius like this last one. And then they’re over. Pinky Leo promise.

You’re speeding into 2018 with an army of to-do lists, goals, and benchmarks set. I’m not stopping you; if any sign excels at getting it done, and done right the first time, it’s you. And with Jupiter spreading cheer in your house of self-expression and locomotion for the most of the year, it’s never been a better time to make the little changes that’ve been nagging you for years. But you suffered the Leo Eclipse in your house of hidden things and undoings, and the scope of its impact might remain unclear for the first few days of February. The consequences of over commitment might be felt as early as the 4th, when Venus gets vulnerable in your house of health and self-adjustment. If you’re sick or spent, you’ll lack the strength to do all the hard work planned ahead. Watch your energy, and poke at the tasks may not be worth such rigor and sacrifice. You’ll cope a little better with Mercury’s square against Jupiter on the 14th. Since the messenger god rules Virgo, you’re more likely to be real with yourself about your ability to achieve your far-flung aims. If you make it that far without the flu or fatigue, the last week of the month could be especially sexy. On the 25th, your ruling planet cozies up to Neptune to make your fantasies vivid and freaky, and Venus squares Mars to set sparks flying.

Last month’s Leo Eclipse made a stink in your house of hopes and friendships, illuminating the last bit of pruning necessary to kick 2017’s bad habits and false heroes to the curb. Making these tough calls will be your project this year, like it or not, with Saturn sweltering in your house of safe spaces; your home and your heart. And it won’t always be pretty or pleasant. But Valentine’s Day looms ahead, and you’re primed to indulge in love and chocolate. February’s Aquarian transits traipse through your house of celebrations and fairytale affairs. Even if you lack a beau or belle of your own, you’ll be swept away by this rather romantic wave. When Jupiter and Venus come to a head on the 4th, you’ll be ravenous for luxury and love affairs. Satiate yourself with fabulous fetes, escapades, sexcapades, and shopping sprees. It’s the time of the season, after all. But remember that your penchant for romanticizing everything can keep you from being discriminating. Your ruling goddess Venus’ collision with Neptune on the 21st is ripe for illusion and make-believe. Keep the ball in your court when it comes to spending money and those with whom you spend your time. You don’t want anyone or anything taking advantage of your joie de vivre.

January’s dramatic Eclipse flagged another twist in your fast-evolving career; the rebuttal paragraph to last August’s opening thesis. You must be tired, and you have my permission to chill the fuck out. February isn’t looking very sexy or soul-sucking, and even though you kinky scorpions adore that sort of stuff, you’ve been needing you-time. Dark and mysterious looks a lot better on you when you’re well-rested. Jupiter sticks to Scorpio for every awkward upcoming transit, making self-care the perfect reply to every problem pitched your way. The days surrounding the 4th are fabulous for curling up in comfort, as Venus triggers Jupiter from your house of home. The Sun square occurring the following week around the 10th is even more favorable for faking a sick day and taking care of yourself. When Venus slides up to Neptune on the 21st, creative daydreaming and future tripping calls your name. This is a great day to celebrate last year’s achievements, at home or on holiday. Wait until the 28th to get the ball back rolling in earnest again. Mercury engages Mars and Pluto, both your ruling planets, on the same day from your house of creation. Refreshed and rejuvenated, you can seize upon this pulsating energy to begin the tougher brawls you’ll battle this year.

Wrap up your post-Saturn victory lap and get ready to run for a far faster year. After the ugly slog of stressful changes that made 2017 so overfull, you’ll find the transitions you face these next few months hella breezy by comparison. Mars charged into Sagittarius at the end of last month, and he’ll be lighting a fire under your ass until March 17th. It’s time to take control and engage in change. The Leo Lunar eclipse ignited your house of exploration and inspiration, and you enter February revved up and ready to follow your bliss. The Sun’s brash brush with Jupiter on the 10th is an excellent opportunity to do some soul-searching before you hit the starting line. Meditation, dialogues with a decent therapist, or dredging up old scores in your diary will prove profound and fruitful. Mars’ square against Neptune on the 17th invites guilt and paranoia over your past, and it’s better that you harness the Sun’s collision with Mercury in your house of communication with a clear conscience. Mars gets hit with tense transits the last week of the month, and he’ll react like a trigger-happy warrior god should. Be sure to temper his enthusiasm with practical goal-setting so you don’t go instigating anything undesirable. On the 28th, Mercury yanks at Mars and Pluto on the same day, and he invites as many compelling cases for transformation as he does vicious wastes of energy.

This Saturn thing sucks. It sometimes feels like you’re stranded, forgotten by friends and your efforts ignored. That Super Moon Eclipse happened in your house of sex and death, too, and the realizations sprung forth the first week of February might be a little too real. Let the haters hate. Sometimes you just gotta kick ass while nobody’s watching, and you’re the best hustler in the whole zodiac. Jupiter blossoms in your house of work and reputation until November, so this year’s perfect for throwing yourself into your chosen occupation against all the odds. Don’t get distracted by easy money around the 4th, when Venus tempts Jupiter with baubles and boons. Those things flicker and fade. Your vocation is something bigger than bucks: it’s the permanent mark you want to carve on this planet. Quit comparing yourself to your peers and zero in on more abstract ambitions for your future than fast cash or Instagram likes. Even if this Valentine’s season seems a little isolating, you can use that solitude for the selfish daydreams that pressure-cook success. The 25th crafts the optimum atmosphere for this sort of scheming. Venus, Mercury, and Neptune are all activated in your house of language and expression, ripe for vision boards and reevaluating plans. The Sun is there, too, with a sweet shine over Saturn to alleviate some of the stress around determining your desires.

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