“I started designing at a time when women would wear rigid jackets. Clothing then was structured, but I introduced a style that was lighter, with chiffon… I wanted to create designs that were for women who were not afraid to show who they are… I don’t see femininity as a weakness, it’s a strength.”
–Alberta Ferretti to the Sunday Times, 2016

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WHAT: Mercury and Venus leave Pisces for Aires.
WHERE: Your relationships. February’s fluid, feel-good camaraderie is cut off by the Ram’s fresh sparks. Connections will be sassier, swifter, and self-centered.
DRESS CODE: Your punkest power suit. If you’ve been waiting to make waves when you’ll get a reflexive reaction, in public or private, carpe diem.
RSVP: Fire Sun and Rising signs, especially Aires, are in for a particular thrill. Cancer, Virgo, and Capricorn Sun signs will be over it real quick.

WHAT: Jupiter Retrogrades in Scorpio.
WHERE: The parts of your life that have taken off and multiplied like viral cells since October of last year.
DRESS CODE: High, rubber boots and heavy gloves. If your world is a forest (go with it), this Jupiter transit is like an invasive species of gorgeous, toxic poppies that have blown through and blossomed so far afield that they’re beyond any single line of sight. Time to inspect the damage and reap what you’ve sown.
RSVP: Scorpio Sun and Rising signs, truly. But since Scorpio hits so many of our Pluto placements, it’s sure to be hardcore for everyone.

WHAT: The Sun sextiles Pluto, Mercury squares Saturn, and Mars trines Uranus.
WHERE: Capricorn and Aires dominate the conversation, butting heads over work ethics and the willingness to buck against the establishment. Pisces does its best to make everything a softer lesson about inner growth.
BYO: Agenda. Dynamic, hardy planets ignite today, but you’ll have better luck by getting it all done alone.
RSVP: Pay close attention if your Sun or Rising placement is in one of the three activated signs above. Cancer Rising readers should watch out for this transit to ripple through their romantic relationships all week.

WHAT: The Sun trines Jupiter and Venus squares Saturn
WHERE: Your intimate relationships (suffering from self-doubt and stifling shame). Your creative life and career (flourishing).
DRESS CODE: Wear a worn work shirt or a dark turtleneck and channel all this Byronic bullshit into your craft, man. Making life’s miseries into things of beauty is what the human experience is all about.
RSVP: Fixed Sun and Rising Signs (Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius) will get an especially strange kick. Librans will feel oversensitive.

WHAT: Mars leaves Sagittarius for Capricorn.
WHERE: Your instincts and carnal drives get iced by Capricorn’s clear-eyed, pitiless, hustler gaze.
DRESS CODE: Strong, impressive armor. The Sea-Goat excels at getting gold, but not by being honeyed and sweet.
RSVP: Those with Sun, Rising, Mars, and Saturn placements in Capricorn deserve this needed leg-up.
THE PARTY’S OVER. May 16. But Mars Retrogrades, so a sequel’s coming this summer.

WHAT: Mercury Retrogrades in Aires.
WHERE: Communications, computer code, and commutes. My astro-guru Annabel Gat explains this retrograde transit as if Mercury (the Roman messenger god) is on vacation, and his unpaid, overwhelmed intern is juggling his jobs instead. And it’s occurring in Aires, so imagine that intern is also taking amphetamines for the very first time.
BYO: Common sense. You’re reading an astrology column, so you should know the drill. Back up your important data ahead of time. Plan on arriving places early in case of delays. Ask people to explain what they mean before jumping down their throats. Read the fine print. Etcetera.

WHAT: Venus squares Pluto.
WHERE: Your feelings and your finances. Venus embodies both love and money, and she duels with the god of transformation, glooming proud in bossy Capricorn. Expect serious, radical changes in how you care about who and what you have.
RSVP: Sun and Rising signs ruled by Venus (Taurus and Libra) will especially sense this transit’s molten core. Capricorns and Scorpios, longtime friends to Pluto in their own unique ways, can harness this moment for their own crafty purposes. For Aires, Gemini, Cancer, and Virgo placements, love will be an easy focus. Pisces, Leos, Sagittarians, and Aquarians should watch out for their career and cash flow.

WHAT: Venus conjoins Uranus.
WHERE: Aires, baby. Expect impulsive chaos and sparks flying. Uranus epitomizes earthly chaos, like The Tower in the Tarot; lightning that strikes if and when it suits itself. Venus rules our most wanton feminine wiles; passion, luxury, and pleasure. Aires is the newborn of the Zodiac, ready to stoke fires with the reckless freedom of a tiny child. Together, this makes for an unpredictably intense day.
DRESS CODE: With Mercury retrograde and a heavy Pluto transit to Venus right before, approach this conjunction junction like a muddy music festival. Wear canvas shoes you’ll throw away, a string bikini, and get dirty knowing you can hose down when it’s all over with.
RSVP: Aires, because the effects will be obvious. Pisces, because the meaning of this planetary crossing will only clarify in the coming weeks.

WHAT: A Full Blue Moon.
WHERE: Libra. There was already a powerfully swollen moon on the 1st in Virgo, the Full Worm Moon whose usual charm lies in indicating the end of the winter season. But here she is, back in the very Venusian Libra, practically begging for love spells.
DRESS CODE: Slinky peaches, pink lights, tea candles, and soft lingerie. Romance someone else, or just yourself, with a long and tender ritual. Crack open a book on witchcraft and get super elaborate with it.
RSVP: Libra Sun, Rising, Venus, and Moon Signs; rejoice. Aquarians and Geminis can steal some major fun for themselves, too.

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