Heroine Astrology is a monthly chart reading by illustrator/astrologer Liana Swann.*

“I hate the idea that you shouldn’t wear something just because you’re a certain age.” - Miuccia Prada

April 2
WHAT: Mars conjoins Saturn.
WHERE: In Capricorn. Exactly. Bells should trill by now if you’re a true astro-junkie, but I’ll quickly catch readers up to speed, anyway. Saturn “rules” Capricorn, which is a traditional way of saying he feels especially at ease when he’s striding through this sign. But Mars is “exalted” in Capricorn. He’s not just relaxed, he’s the local hero here; skipping lines, drinking for free, and flush with perks. Fused together—exactly—this is as intensely an iconic power-coupling as Serge and Jane.
DRESS CODE: Something memorable; signature. Jane had her woven wicker basket before the Birkin bag, and the white Repetto jazz shoes she bought for Serge in the 70’s became his classic staple. This is a day to make your mark; do it in a look you won’t forget.
RSVP: Hello Capricorn Sun, Saturn, and Rising signs: a truly lucky one. Cancers will watch this combustion occur in their house of love and contracts, so take note; especially with Mercury and Jupiter retrogrades still at play. And if your sign is ruled by Mars or Saturn—that’s you, Aries, Scorpios, Aquarians, and Capricorns—definitely dig in.

April 4
WHAT: Mercury squares Mars.
SOUNDTRACK: “Déjà vu,” the Beyoncé song. Or “Déjà vu,” by Dionne Warwick. Or maybe “Going Backwards,” by Depeche Mode. Wait, wait— “I’ve Heard It Before,” by Black Flag; “Once More to See You”, by Mitski; “Remember the Time,” by Michael Jackson; that catchy bop by K-Pop’s “Pretty Boy” Taemin I can’t understand most of the lyrics to, which rhymes the English-language titular hook “Crazy 4 U” with “something, something, déjà vu…”
BYO: March horoscopes? Here’s the thing, Heroines: Mercury’s doing that backwards thing, so tons of this month’s transits will be lambent reminders of recent weeks. Once he corrects course, Mercury plans to rattle some of those same cages a third time. So today, look back at March 11 for hindsight insight. Then feel very Raven on the 25th when this transit happens again. It’s the future you can see, kind of.
RSVP: Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio, and Aries Sun and Rising signs. These dates might mark the chapter headings of a saga for the books.

April 11
WHAT: The Sun squares Pluto while Venus trines Mars.
WHERE: Your most passionate interpersonal connections. Every time the Sun stings Pluto, we should expect sprawling, sweeping change. But since Pluto is the god of the Underworld, a place we living mortals are too lucky to tread, his shocks to the system are pretty tricky to predict in a pithy astrology column. It’s the beyond; hungry lava always throbbing below the surface until it’s tapped on a day like today. In the other corner of the ring, Venus and Mars sing out to each other from the Earth signs they rule or exalt. This is cosmological chemistry at it’s its finest, and I’d be surprised if sparks didn’t light somewhere. Venus and Mars are easy, traditional signifiers for amorous tidings, but they also represent the inherent yin and yang in all kinds of relationships: push and pull, aggression and reception.
RSVP: Fixed Sun and Rising signs—Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius—are in for another punch to the gut this month. Libras, ruled by an activated Venus, will intensely internalize the Plutonian challenges of today’s transit. Anyone with their Venus or Mars in an Earth placement has a special opportunity to get in on the more carnal end of this action.

April 18
WHAT: The Sun conjoins Uranus.
WHERE: Aries. Remember that “exalted” thing we discussed a little earlier? The only sign that exalts the Sun is Aries Our brightest star is barreling through the zodiac full speed ahead in the Cardinal Fire sign, cruising past Mercury retrograde’s slurry speedbumps to maintain a state of impulsive can-dos and active participation. But at around 28 degrees, as he prepares to exit Aires entirely for Taurus, the Sun careens into a different kind of activity. Uranian energy is not about human ego or human control like our radiant Sun. It’s karma, fate, and the way of the world. Today, we’re all sure to get shook, as our mortal plans collide with immortal truths of universal chaos.
DRESS CODE: How do you dress for the unexpected? My Mormor wore wrinkle-resistant T-shirt dresses in punchy tropical colors and arch-supported boat shoes on days like this. My carpenter friends wear Carhartt coveralls and steel-toed boots. I’m sure this is a much more existential question than one I’ll answer in anecdotes. But even if you can’t dress for everything,you can dress to feel ready.

April 29
WHAT: A Full Pink Moon opposes the Sun’s trine to Saturn.
WHERE: Someplace gooey and textured, rich smelling. A dewy cave. A dank basement. This Full Moon is uniquely heavy, and I’m not sure where to start warning you or waving you on. First, our rabbit in the sky won’t blush rose, like Blood Moons glow that warm coral color. But she is the first Full Moon of Spring; the first fresh (metaphorical; literal) blossoms to rip forth from the thawing earth. This year, she’s Pink in Scorpio; her classical “fall.” Scorpio energy buries and sinks raw emotion, so it’s no wonder our oversensitive Moon takes on a shadow side in this sign. Then the Sun directly opposes the Moon from a prime vantage point in Taurus, ready to slice through any smoke and mirrors with the help of stern daddy Saturn in Capricorn. Everything rumbles under Earth and Water signs; touching our most tangible parts.
DRESS CODE: Your birthday suit. When the intensity of our lives and interactions ramps up, it’s so tempting to white lie or hide as a measly attempt to insulate ourselves from harm. The bigger the potential emotional payoff, the scarier the risk to our vulnerabilities. Pretending we don’t really care or we’re not really invested is an easy way to explain away the possibility of pain. But I think—like, in general, but definitely tonight—actual magic only emerges after we get dirty and real. Be naked in this evening’s bath of madness and lather up.