Master Class
Master Class
Calvin, Donna, Ralph: The Struggle of American Fashion Empires

With America's three hallmark fashion designers largely irrelevant, can their eponymous...

By Martin Lerma November 08, 2019 2 Comments
Master Class
The Plastic and Metal World of Paco Rabanne

Through the 1960s, Pace Rabanne was widely considered the future of fashion, until he w...

By Laura Mc Laws Helms October 16, 2019 1 Comment
Master Class
Master Class: The History of the White Tee

Ribbed-collar. Short-sleeves. Slim-fit. The makings of our favorite essential are fairl...

By Britnie Dates August 12, 2019 2 Comments
Master Class
Pierre Cardin: Fashion’s Space Age Master

When asked to conjure up how they imagine the [future of fashion](https://www.heroine.c...

By Martin Lerma July 24, 2019
Master Class
The Art of Collaboration and Creative Trust in Fashion

What ignites a relationship will also be what fuels it. For many, mutual respect is onl...

By Britnie Dates July 15, 2019 1 Comment
Master Class
Defying Trends: The History of Clogs, In and Out of Fashion

Though often reviled for their ugliness, clogs have hung around the edges of fashion fo...

By Laura Mc Laws Helms July 08, 2019
Master Class
The History of Fendi's Iconic Baguette Bag

The late 90s proved an interesting time for luxury bags. Legacy brands like Hermès and ...

By Martin Lerma July 05, 2019
Master Class
Jock Couture: The History of Luxury Athleisure

Starting in the 1970s there was a slow encroachment of [athletic styles into high fashi...

By Laura Mc Laws Helms July 01, 2019 2 Comments
Master Class
The Cycle of Cycling Shorts

The genesis of major fashion trends, more often than not, can be traced back to a forme...

By Jessa Chargois June 17, 2019
Master Class
Rihanna's Fenty Will End the Celebrity Fashion Curse

When whispers of a [Rihanna x LVMH ready-to-wear collaboration](

By Lauren Sharkey May 29, 2019
Master Class
Annotating Camp: Notes on Fashion

In 1964, a 31-year-old Susan Sontag published what became her seminal ‘Notes on “Camp”’...

By Martin Lerma May 22, 2019
Master Class
How Cowboy Style Made Its Way Back to the Fashion Frontier

Valentine’s Day, 2017. The day of Raf Simons’ first Calvin Klein showdown. No one knew ...

By Lauren Sharkey May 20, 2019
Master Class
The History of Ann Demeulemeester: In Freedom and In Truth

Nothing captures the essence of a designer quite like their take on a classic. However,...

By Britnie Dates May 14, 2019 3 Comments
Master Class
Who is Virginie Viard? Chanel After Lagerfeld.

Last week, Virginie Viard debuted her first collection for Chanel as Artistic Director ...

By Oona Kyung May 09, 2019
Master Class
Disco Dressing, Then and Now

What is the eternal appeal of disco? With a new documentary released on Studio 54 a few...

By Laura Mc Laws Helms May 07, 2019
Master Class
The History of Tie Dye: Why It's Suddenly Everywhere

A synonymous symbol of the counterculture movement, tie-dye has an undeniable place wit...

By Jessa Chargois April 25, 2019 1 Comment