Master Class
Master Class
Calvin Klein: Minimalism as Modernity

As the fashion press and industry debate Raf Simons’ departure from Calvin Klein and wh...

By Laura Mc Laws Helms February 13, 2019
Master Class
How Birkenstock Played the Fashion World

"People who buy shoes for comfort are cops," writer [Jon Caramanica jokingly wrote in t...

By Lauren Sharkey February 06, 2019
Master Class
Are Capsule Wardrobes the Future of Fashion?

In 1985, American designer Donna Karan made a name for herself by debuting a simple yet...

By Britnie Dates January 30, 2019
Master Class
The Lariat: How The Balenciaga 'It' Bag Changed Fashion

When it comes to sartorial benchmarks of the early 2000s, there may be few as potent as...

By Martin Lerma January 28, 2019
Master Class
Denim: “Young, Sexy, and Rebellious”

Known for its sturdiness and longevity of wear, denim as a fabric long seemed more suit...

By Laura Mc Laws Helms January 14, 2019
Master Class
Twenty Years On: Fashion at the Millennium

On the eve of the millennium, the change to the 2000s was seen to be more than the turn...

By Laura Mc Laws Helms January 09, 2019
Master Class
The Examination of Fashion's Moral Compass is Long Overdue

“Can you separate the art from the artist?” is a question that's never been asked more ...

By Lauren Sharkey December 11, 2018
Master Class
At 22 Years Old the Fila Disruptor 2 Hit Its Peak Popularity

First released as a lifestyle sneaker 1996, it’s apparent FILA’s Disruptor II, [Footwea...

By Rae Witte December 04, 2018 1 Comment
Master Class
Molded: A History of Hosiery

Clothing can be, quite literally, an extension of who we are. It can skim the body in s...

By Brintie Dates November 26, 2018 1 Comment
Master Class
The Body of Grunge

It was the antithesis to a decade smothered by opulence. Perhaps one of the most conten...

By Oona Kyung November 19, 2018 2 Comments
Master Class
Unraveling the Archive: Viktor & Rolf, Fall/Winter 1999 Haute Couture

Today, Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren are avant-garde polymaths who have established ...

By Pierre A. M'pele November 16, 2018
Master Class
Kostas Murkudis: A Forgotten Pioneer

Much like Pieter Mulier is to Raf Simons, the Dresden born designer Kostas Murkudis was...

By Alex Assil November 14, 2018
Master Class
Moschino: Fun is the Message

“Fashion should be fun, and it should send a message. I like to use clothes as billboar...

By Laura Mc Laws Helms November 12, 2018 1 Comment
Master Class
Why Jun Takahashi Has More in Common with Wes Anderson Than with His Streetwear Peers

Over the past twenty-five years, Jun Takahashi’s brand Undercover has risen to the high...

By Jacob Victorine November 06, 2018 1 Comment
Master Class
Tommy Hilfiger Then and Now—Is There A Difference?

2018 has been the unofficial year of the comeback kid, offering a second chance to bran...

By Jessa Chargois November 05, 2018
Master Class
Unraveling the Archive: Gucci, Fall/Winter 1996

When Tom Ford took over the creative reins of Gucci in 1994, there was little hope for ...

By Pierre A. M'pele November 02, 2018