It may dominate modern day lives but technology still has divisive power—especially in industries like fashion which have been notoriously slow to adopt innovation. But one movie technique is slowly weeding its way in and throwing up a lot of questions in the process.

In April 2016, a young woman affectionately nicknamed Lil Miquela sprang to life on Instagram. With a trendy hairstyle and youthful freckles, her streetwear wardrobe immediately picked up a fanbase. Now, she has 1.4 million followers and has worked with the likes of Prada and make-up artist Pat McGrath. I forgot to mention that Miquela’s not real—she’s a CGI creation. So is Shudu, a gorgeous dark-skinned model who looks so real that it took a while for her non-human identity to be confirmed. The same goes for Margot and Zhi; two faces (one white, one Asian) who starred alongside Shudu in Balmain’s latest campaign. Photographer Cameron-James Wilson created all three.

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