The digital world provides young people with a wealth of knowledge at their disposal. For some, the internet is a place for exploration, but for Dani Roche, it proves so much more. Acting as a catalyst for her creative career, the internet helped the multi-disciplinary designer-turned entrepreneur find her niche. Roche's career charts back to her early days when she began hard-coding her fashion blog and graphic designing, but today, she runs her own successful creative agency, Kastor and Pollux. Most recently Dani launched Biannual Brand, a vibrant unisex outerwear brand carried by Opening Ceremony. Dani is a force within the creative industry and continues to shift the paradigm of what leading women in this realm are able to do. We spoke with the young entrepreneur to hear more about her creative process, her love for Toronto and what’s to come in 2018.

Photography by Mariah Hamilton.