What is the eternal appeal of disco? With a new documentary released on Studio 54 a few months ago and disco looks continually reappearing on the catwalk, it appears that late-70s nightlife has a relevance far reaching past its original dance floors. Drawing on the “anything goes” countercultural moment of the late 1960s, disco was the brash, drug-and-fun fueled outgrowth of the stresses of the early 1970s recession mixed with changing societal mores due to civil rights, gay rights, and the women’s liberation movement. The clothes too were a performative blend of sex, music, glamour, drugs and, at first, often archly personal style. Coming up from the streets (or, more so, the dance floor) disco clothes had a direct impact on high fashion as many designers took to frequenting these clubs themselves, and the hedonistic lifestyle and movement-oriented garments began to clearly influence their collections.

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