In early March, after the conclusion of both New York and Paris Fashion Weeks, the world witnessed ‘The Happiest Show on Earth,’ orchestrated by the New York City-based brand, Opening Ceremony, inside the gates of Disneyland. ‘The Happiest Show on Earth’ is a rather weird title for a fashion show in these decidedly unhappy times where news of sexual harassment, gun violence, and political unrest swarms our daily lives. Yet despite this world-wide turmoil, Mickey Mouse has left his mark on a number of sartorial collections over the last few years. While some designers (think Kenzo x The Jungle Book) went down the child-friendly route, others such as Gucci and Coach chose a much darker vision, scrapping any form of youthful bliss from their designs. Fashion has always had a penchant for fantasy in dark and dismal times, but with people both young and old opening their eyes and mouths to rising political issues, do designers have a responsibility to reflect the times, no matter how ugly they may be? Or is it a fashion designer's job to act as a symbol of hope and positivity?

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