Whether we’re aware of it or not, our roots are deeply embedded in our personal style. Especially when it comes to working in a creative industry, those roots find themselves wrapped around our most fruitful, authentic ideas—ripe with success and woven with narratives. For Esther Ng, these roots are illuminated through her personal Gaultier collection, noting her mother as a primary inspiration, and extend as far as her own causative ventures—namely, her label PRIX. Refreshingly candid and relaxed, her wardrobe is as no-fuss fun as her designs. We recently spoke with Esther to find out how exactly she finds these amazing pieces, what inspires her personal design philosophy, and how her unique roots have influenced her endeavors in fashion today.

Name: Esther Ng
Occupation: Founder and Designer of PRIX
From: Auckland, New Zealand
Living: New York, New York
Currently visiting: London, England

Photography by Namasjo.