In a world where mass-consumption reigns supreme and big-box retailers flourish, Frankie Collective arises as a breath of fresh air. Located in an industrial warehouse space in Vancouver, the Canadian e-commerce retailer, Frankie Collective, is changing the landscape of vintage fashion. We took a visit to their studio and met with the talented team behind some of most hyped & coveted repurposed looks.

Frankie Collective has quickly established itself as the authority of reworking the best of 90s vintage sportswear and streetwear. From their latest Supreme drop and their Adidas mesh bodysuits to their reinterpretation of the famous Glossier makeup bag, Frankie Collective’s creative approach to streetwear has provided inspiration for hype-gals & industry figures alike.

We sat down with Frankie Collective’s creative director, Sara Gourlay, to hear more about her artistic approach to design, trend forecasting, and what's to come for the brand.

Interview by Niki Frias & Kate Marin, photography by Jeremy Jude Lee.