“Cher, get in here.”
“What’s up, daddy?”
“What the hell is that?”
“A dress.”
“Says who?”
“Calvin Klein.”

Besides its obvious comedic elements, the above exchange from Clueless where protagonist Cher Horowitz has the validity of her chosen attire questioned by her father codifies two synonymous elements: American designer Calvin Klein and filmy slip dresses. The movie’s writers were wise to include this Klein reference as there has perhaps never been a more prominent creator of a style once exclusively considered underwear. Under the current direction of Raf Simons, Calvin Klein’s label remains formidable, but the 90s saw it shoot into the stratosphere with a heady mix of brilliant design, groundbreaking advertising and perfect timing. The buttoned-up structure of the 80s melted away with Klein’s languid minimalism ready to replace it. He had no shortage of hits yet the slip dress remains the most enduring and, at the time, the most pervasive. It became a staple of everyone from supermodels like Kate Moss to everyday women around the world attracted to its unfussy attitude, something which came to define the decade.

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