Music and fashion have long been intertwined. So much so that DJs have now transformed into full-on fashion designers. Virgil Abloh is one of the biggest names to successfully bridge the gap between the two worlds. But recently, it’s female DJs that have been flooding the fashion headlines. In February, South Korean-born Peggy Gou launched her brand, Kirin. Now, Honey Dijon is launching her very own brand.

Thanks to a partnership with the prestigious Comme des Garçons, she isn’t doing it alone. According to WWD, a small collection of T-shirts and DJ bags will be launching in the summer or early fall. The brand’s name? Honey Fucking Dijon, announced Dijon and Adrian Joffe, president of Comme des Garçons International.

“As a trans woman of color, I’d never imagined that this would be possible,” Dijon wrote on Instagram, adding: “Thank you @adrianjoffe @commedesgarcons for allowing me to represent my culture, community and love of house music. I am truly honored.”

Born in Chicago, Dijon has gained increasing popularity over the years. With 120,000 Instagram followers and deep friendships with the likes of Dior Homme artistic director Kim Jones, she is now a firm fixture in the fashion industry, having mixed music for Louis Vuitton’s famed Supreme collaboration show and a number of other brand events.

But her love of fashion is nothing new. Dijon has every single issue of magazines including i-D and W and, according to Vogue, has an “encyclopedic knowledge” of industry names. Expect her upcoming line to steer clear of trends though. In an interview with GQ, she admitted to not liking quote-unquote fashion, saying that she had instead “always been influenced by cultural movements that are attached to clothing.”

Her individual sense of style tends to fall on the laidback minimalist side. “The trick is finding things that are comfortable and stylish at the same time ‘cause you are typically standing in one spot for hours,” she told Highsnobiety. In today’s fast-moving culture, that ethos is sure to drive customers.