If you spend any portion of time on social media, you won’t have been able to escape the recent flood of tweets from Kanye West. After a year-long hiatus, Ye returned to confess his love for Donald Trump, losing many people’s respect in the process.

But amid all the political hoo-ha, West revealed some golden Yeezy information. The brand is reportedly the second fastest growing company in history and “will hit a billion dollars this year” with West being “the single highest paid person in footwear” (we’ll ask Michael Jordan about that one). The man also tweeted images of unreleased shoes ranging from thick foam sliders and pastel-hued 350 V2s to ‘track pant boots’ and, yes, more plastic heels.

When it comes to catering for women, West has previously fluctuated between two extremes: uber comfort and downright hazardous. As seen with his personal opinions, the multi-hyphenate can’t seem to decide which way to turn, switching from a wearable utilitarian feel to an alpha male vibe. It’s this second aesthetic that West appears to be channeling right now. While Donald Trump has sent women’s rights back to the Stone Age, West too is limiting female independence by designing painful-looking shoes that require a (male) helping hand.

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