Following his death on February 19th, the media has been aflame with both eulogies and dissections of Karl Lagerfeld’s life, work and quotations. For a fashion designer, he was world-famous—possibly the most renowned of any—a particularly remarkable feat considering he gained this fame as a “designer for hire.” Unstoppably prolific, Karl Lagerfeld singlehandedly made Chloé a brand known worldwide for its originality, took Fendi from being a small Roman luxury furrier to a global fur sensation, and revived the corpse of the house of Chanel. Throughout his career Lagerfeld would become enamored with eras or concepts, delve deeply within them in his designs and therefore influence larger trends in fashion, and then become bored with them and move on. As his friend Joan Juliet Buck wrote, “He was mercurial, consistent in his curiosity, new passions, and perpetual motion, all of which were to keep boredom at bay.” Karl lived this reinvention holistically—not just designing thematic collections, but also using these themes to mold his friendships and homes.

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