When she first stepped foot onto the scene, the only thing truly “lil” about rapper Lil' Kim was her stature—the 4’11” Brooklyn-born rapper made her debut with a big flow and even bigger style. Not only was Lil’ Kim the lone female member of Junior M.A.F.I.A., she was and still is one of a handful of female rappers in the male-dominated industry. Set against the backdrop of male rappers in baggy jeans, sports jerseys, suits, and chains was Lil’ Kim scantily clad, draped in fur and designer labels, rapping about sex, money, and fashion from behind a pair of Chanel sunglasses. She introduced a new radical narrative and ultimately contradicted all archetypes within the rap industry. Lil' Kim’s style was inimitable, revolutionary, and daring—she owned her sexuality unapologetically in bright, barely-there looks that catapulted her into style-icon status, flipped the script on objectification in the rap industry and paved the way for many female rappers to follow.

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