It’s weird how certain pieces of clothing can mean so much. I feel rather strange sometimes, thinking about how much I need a certain jacket or dress. I think everyone has some sort of obsession when it comes to fashion; whether it be shoes, bags, dresses, or a specific brand. For me, it's Comme des Garçons.

I never called myself a collector until I realized I was searching for new items every single day—it’s an obsession. As a journalist, collecting a niche fashion brand like Comme des Garçons has in many ways helped me stay true to my own voice. It’s a tone that can’t be tampered with, something solid that will forever be unaffected by my circumstances.

What’s really important to me is that, since collecting eats up a big chunk of my salary, the items I own have to be wearable and they need to be worn frequently. I can’t think of anything more depressing than beautiful clothes being locked away.

People don’t ask where my clothes are from anymore, they just assume it’s Comme, which I think is funny. The brand has become a part of me in a weird way. My boyfriend calls it circus clothes, who can blame him though–here I am on a Tuesday morning in a Junya Watanabe Latex top with Mickey Mouse ears on the shoulders and a pinafore dress? Casual.

On her unbreakable individuality, fervor for avante-garde design, and devotion to Comme des Garçons, we spoke with the Norwegian collector, Madeleine Holth. She reflects on the process and significance of building a personal archive and shares her favorite picks on Heroine, below.

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