Maison Margiela, a brand that ends up on every diehard fashion fan’s wish list, is getting on board with this season’s sneaker trend, releasing a chunky women’s style that’s definitely more high fashion than street.

Margiela’s recent Fusion launch saw truly original sneakers that looked like they were melting straight into the ground beneath. But the brand’s newest release is a lot more pristine in design.

The white leather sneaker doesn’t have an official name as of yet but is unique thanks to its cut-out patches that reveal the brown spongy material that fills the inside of the shoe.

This minimal method of deconstruction is something that’s been integral to the Margiela brand ever since founder Martin started things off in 1989. A further inside out feel is seen with the disheveled black fabric that appears on the sneaker’s edge.

For those who need a little extra security when it comes to putting on their shoes, you’ll be happy to see that Margiela has provided both traditional laces and a velcro strap.

Obviously, it’s difficult to ignore the huge chunky sole. At 70mm, it’s not quite platform-level but will add a good amount of height to any wearer.

Luisaviaroma is currently selling the latest Margiela sneaker (which it has called the Destroyed Leather Sneakers) for a cool $895. Noting that each pair undergoes a unique destruction technique, the retailer warns that the sneakers you end up with may look slightly different to the ones on the site.

Then again, individuality is the magic of Margiela. And who wouldn’t want a piece of that?