Style Talks is a column where we speak to inspirational women about their style, careers, and day-to-day hustle. Photography by Manon Macasaet.

Name: Memphis Murphy
Age: 17
Location: New York City
Occupation: Model and DJ.
Favorite Designers or Brands: One of my favorite brands is No Boundaries just because its such an iconic Y2k brand. I also really love Jean Paul Gaultier and Alexander McQueen. They produce amazing prints and styles that I am really drawn to.
Are there any elements of your style that pay homage to your inner child? I used to always play with Bratz dolls as a kid and I think that has really resonated with my style up to now.
Favorite Bratz member and why? Sasha aka Bunny Boo of course because she is the fiercest, most honest and funky Bratz member.
How were you first introduced to fashion? Ever since I was little I have been surrounded by fashion. Growing up around the singer Kelis (my moms best friend), my god uncle, and my mom, I was taught a lot about being original as well as being open to trying new things style-wise.
How would you describe your DJing style? What types of music are you drawn to and what made you pick up this hobby? My Djing style has a lot to do with techno beats as well as super funky upbeat hip-hop. I like hearing things sped up. Also being around mainly trans women of color who are really prominent within the DJ scene in New York has helped me pick up DJing this summer. Their style and taste in techno also had a large impact on my style.
How does your occupation influence your style? Being into techno influences me to be much more electric with my clothes and the way I put things together. I also choose to wear things that I can really dance and move around in. Being a model also influences me to purchase clothing that fits my form really well.
What do you hope to achieve personally when you get dressed each day? I hope to be overall happy in what I wear. I normally disregard what others think of my appearance.
Who do you admire style-wise? My friends because they are the cutest and badest people I know.
What are your favorite items in your wardrobe? Do they Differ from the items you wear most? My favorite items are my green pixie skirt, and my black and white diamond printed tights. And in terms of what I wear most, I try to switch it up a lot.
What does your closet look like? Mostly old or new? Minimal or a bit of everything? I have sooo many pairs of pants. Seriously a wide array of pants for any occasion. Jeans, trousers, everything. I have a lot of tiny shirts and dresses and I am also big on accessories. I'd say my wardrobe is very all-encompassing and mainly vintage stuff I find.
What's next for you? I am really looking forward to moving into my new place as well as my birthday. Career-wise, I am still figuring it out but I am sufficed with where I am currently at. I love what I do.