The high fashion designs of Rifat Ozbek in the 1980s and 1990s reflected his interests in both world cultures and street culture—he blended multicultural influences and street style in a novel and groundbreaking manner. While primarily remembered for his ethnically inspired clothes that reflected his Turkish heritage, Ozbek’s decades of work actually featured a far greater breadth of source material and included a multitude of diverse aesthetics and silhouettes. Incredibly influential during his thirty years in fashion (1985 to 2005), his garments and styling continue to define styles today—many of the retro 1990s trends of the last few years are directly lifted from his supermodel-laden runways, including crushed velvet leggings, pajama tops, bomber jackets, bra tops, and biker shorts. The blending of many different cultural motifs and silhouettes into one runway show, which is often seen today, can also be charted to his work.

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