We all have that one image, person, or moment that is so unforgettable, the impression alone embeds itself deep within the lexicon of our own style. For us, the list is virtually endless but we’ll try our best to share with you our top picks. A Style Heroine is pervasive in every way, someone we find ourselves constantly referencing and revisiting–their influence unmatched. Sade (pronounced shah-day) Adu is no exception.

The Nigerian-born singer (January 16, 1959), known for her smokey voice and unwavering authenticity, spent her early years with her mother and younger brother in Essex, England. While it is her vocals that have earned her a collection of Grammy’s, Sade’s talents extend beyond just music. Namely, her background in fashion. With a degree in fashion and design from Central Saint Martin’s, it’s no wonder why her style–admittedly simple–is so memorable. From her iconic cropped bolero jackets, Levi jeans, and hair perfectly slicked back into a low ponytail to her pouty red lips, turtleneck, and timeless hoop earrings, Sade’s influence is as natural as it is pervasive. She is a timeless icon whose style echoes the essence of her creative work: “unstressed, understated elegance… unspecifically exotic and effortlessly sophisticated.” Sade is a master at perfecting the art of minimal fuss, maximum impact.

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