Style Talks is a column where we speak to inspirational women about their style, careers, and day-to-day hustle. Photography by Manon Macasaet.

Name: Sasha Alcocer
Age: 15
Location: East Village, NYC
Occupation: Photographer/Musician
Where are you from and what’s your ethnicity? I am born and raised in New York City and I am half Mexican and half Soviet :) Only in New York can two people meet from different parts of the world and create such a beautiful combination.
Favorite designers or brands: My bestie has a clothing line named Vanna Youngstein and I adore everything she makes! I also love Miu Miu and X-girl.
What kind of art do you focus on and what motivates you to produce zines etc? I focus mainly on color photography, I started taking photos when I was either 11 or 12 and have been doing it ever since. Both my parents are artists so I grew up seeing them exchange artwork and zines with their friends and I always thought that was so sweet. My main purpose for making zines was to give them as gifts to my friends. Exchanging and supporting friends artwork is what makes zines special, and that is why I continue to make zines today. I also sing and recently picked up the bass and I fell in love with it, I’m excited to see where it takes me.
How does your occupation influence your style? As a musician, I try dress exactly how I would want to dress while performing. If I feel like wearing a glittery outfit, I won’t wait till I hit the stage, I’ll definitely wear it to school or the supermarket. I want to look like a superstar no matter where I go!
What inspires your work? I’m super influenced by the 70’s era because I love the music that came out during that time period. I wish I was able to experience what was happening culturally, that is why I try to mimic that era in my photographs by avoiding modern technology and creating dreamy ambiances. Pastel colors, suburban landscapes, and aspects of girliness are very present in my photographs. If I were to put all my photos together, it would be my perfect dream world.
How were you first introduced to photography? My big sis Lorena Lohr introduced me to photography when I was in elementary school. I had always admired her so I always thought photography was cool but I never took it seriously until I was in the 7th grade when she gave me an Olympus Point n Shoot camera for Christmas along with the American Surfaces book by Stephen Shore. I still use that camera from time to time when I’m not using my manual camera. I’m super inspired by Lorena Lohr and Stephen Shore, they will forever be my favorite photographers.
Are there any elements of your style that pay homage to your inner-child? I still sort of consider myself a child but growing up, I’ve always listened to music from different genres and decades because my mom and dad would constantly introduce me to new music and sounds. Music has always been an extremely important aspect of my life. So my style changes depending on the music I’m listening to, one day I’ll dress up super girly with lipgloss and clips in my hair inspired by Mariah Carey and another day I’ll wear denim on denim with my Converse Chucks inspired by The Ramones. I’m always switching it up!
What do you hope to achieve personally when you get dressed each day? I think it’s really important that each outfit is authentic to my personality. Just like my music taste, my wardrobe goes all over the place. It’s a combination of 70’s polyester shirts, pastel dresses, leather skirts, 80’s graphic t-shirts, and cowgirl button-ups. Every detail in my outfit is something I consider because whatever I wear is how I present myself to the world. I hope that by looking at my outfit, someone can know a little bit about me and perhaps we can bond over that interest, that’s my daily goal.
Who do you admire style-wise? This may sound corny but I really admire my mom’s style. Her clothing varies time periods and all her pieces have a different look to them. My style is incredibly inspired by hers! Thankfully we are the same size so I “borrow” a lot of her clothing. She does the same with my clothes so it’s a fair trade!
What are your favorite items in your wardrobe? Do they differ from the items you wear most? My favorite items in my closet right now are my black leather skirt, my gold ring that says “i love you”, and my 70’s yellow prairie dress from Tokyo! I don’t think they differ from what I wear most because whenever I shop, I literally take the longest time to make sure I am absolutely in love with what I’m going to purchase. All the items I wear are very Sasha, even if they range stylistically, they all are very me.
What does your closet look like? Mostly old or new? Minimal or a bit of everything?
My closest is 99% vintage, I wear vintage everything (jeans, shirts, skirts, dresses, you name it). Since I was little, I’ve always liked vintage clothing, it’s probably my moms influence on me. Finding something vintage that fits perfectly is super hard but it feels amazing when you find that special piece! I try to find clothing that is specifically made in the 1970’s or pieces from the 90’s when it was heavily inspired by the 70’s but I really do go all over the place, it truly depends on the piece itself.
What’s next for you? I’m going to be in my first art show this upcoming July, which is super exciting! It’s called Daisies and it's going to be for one night at the Public hotel on July 10th! It’s a group show with lots of talented female artists so everyone should pull up. I’m also about to be a junior in high school, so before the college chaos begins, I really want to start a band and be super productive with my time. So hopefully I’ll be making lots of zines and shooting and printing a lot this summer!