As a fashion marketplace that was built "for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts," fostering a sense of community amongst our users is core to our mission here at Heroine. Meet the Seller is an editorial feature where we do just that—celebrate some of the outstanding, multi-faceted women on Heroine and share the stories behind their closets. For our latest edition, meet Jean Lee—otherwise known as @yohjeanyamamoto—and shop her closet below.

Tell us a bit about your cultural background—where are you from and where do you live now?
I’m from Singapore and currently live in Singapore.

What influences your style?
My style influence comes from the brands I’m into, which are all very silhouette based. When you’re wearing all black a lot of details tend to get lost so it’s important to establish a visual silhouette. I have a lot of respect and admiration for Rei Kawakubo, I admire her as a designer, as a person and as a woman. She’s so unbelievably private and so focused and also so committed.

Your wardrobe is extremely curated—how did you first become interested in brands like Comme des Garcons, Yohji Yamamoto, Ann Demeulemeester and Issey Miyake?
I’ve always been attracted to the concept of women in masculine silhouettes and vice versa, so when I was first starting to get into fashion, Yohji really spoke to me. As I read up more about Yohji, Comme naturally popped up and it just sorta snowballed into something this big in my life now. But I didn’t start buying any of these brands till I started working, so for a very long time, these brands just existed as a faraway sort of unattainable concept to me.

Has social media changed your thought process or method of dressing?
It used to, although I try my best to not let it control me and dress however I want.

Tell us about your thought process when shopping. Is your relationship with clothing emotional or utilitarian?
My shopping process is very emotional, but only on the premise that I can afford it. If it’s something out of my budget then it becomes utilitarian. It’s then I start looking for other stuff that I can buy with the same amount of money, stuff that I’d get more use from. I mostly look for silhouette-based clothing, clothes that contorts the body visually, although a really airy basic hakama would appeal to me equally (it’s really hot in Singapore, I cry).

How did you get into reselling?
I have way too many clothes and the stuff I’m into changed through the years. I used to be very into baggy bigger-the-better clothes but now I want a more fitted silhouette. These clothes just end up unworn and they’re all lightly worn—almost brand new—so why not resell?

What pieces in your wardrobe have you owned and worn the longest?
One of my first Yohji pieces was a Y’s skirt I bought in 2010/2011. I got it during final sale markdown and it’s a very full skirt with a lot of fabric but also still easy enough for everyday use. It’s my favorite skirt and I’m still wearing it.

What are your go-to shops in Singapore?
I like COS, they make great basics and clean-cut clothes. I’m a very big online shopper though.

What's your ultimate grail?
I recently acquired my biggest grail, which is a 2D felt coat from Comme AD2012. Right now I’m looking for anything Junya FW2008, specifically the dresses, but it’s been rough!

Visit Jean's wardrobe here or shop her listings below.

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