There are few high-end designers who are capable of unifying an uncompromised commitment to sustainability with a unique and responsive brand ethos. Caught between the polarizing worlds of fast-fashion and high-end design, large brands struggle to balance price-point with quality and sustainability, leaving themselves ultimately disengaged with broader, more socially- and environmentally-conscious audience. Independent labels with smaller production demands are attempting to bridge this gap—offering garments at competitive price points while emphasizing the principles of sustainability and democracy in fashion—but this is something rarely seen at a larger scale. However, even before consumers understood the importance of sustainable fashion, Stella McCartney pioneered a revolutionary stance in the fashion industry that is somewhat lost in the thick of current mainstream fashion trends.

Best known for her eponymous label, Stella McCartney is one of the most interesting designers to have become victim to the mass appeal and competition of the very trends she pioneered. In recent years, numerous labels have joined the circuit in offering sustainable garments that exude natural confidence and subtle femininity. Still, no one is able to recreate McCartney's signature mix of environmentally friendly materials and sharp, simple tailoring with quite the feminine edge her work embodies.

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