Style Talks is a column where New York resident Telsha Anderson speaks to inspirational women about their style, careers, and day-to-day hustle. Photography by Malcolm McNeil.

Name: Amalie Gassmann
Age: 21
Location: New York
Occupation/ Current Hustle: IMG Model and Student at Bard College
Favorite hangout in NYC: ChaCha Matcha or Chill House
Favorite place to shop in NYC: Dover Street Market, Off---White Store, Opening Ceremony, Reformation and American Two Shot.
What was your very first job? I was scouted in Paris and booked for a YSL beauty video tutorial.
What are the three most memorable moments in getting to where you are today?
1. Traveling alone to Australia, London, Paris, New York etc. It taught me how to be independent and socialize amongst individuals of all backgrounds and ages.
2. After graduating high school, I took a gap year and was booked for a beauty campaign with a well-known photographer.
3. Figuring out how to balance both school and work.
Describe your personal style. I love mixing it up but I’m big on comfort and streetwear. Sneakers, flats and chains are my go-to.
Current top-3 pieces in your wardrobe.
1. Vintage Girbaud jeans
2. Louis Vuitton mini backpack
3. Chanel classic diamond watch (which was my high-school graduation gift)
Does your style represent your personality? I’m very shy at first and it takes me time to warm up. So, my style helps me put myself out there without being verbally loud. In high school, I was the girl wearing Jeffery Campbell heels and heavy eyeliner–I went all out. So now I’m much more toned down.
Who are your favorite designers? Raf Simons, Alyx Clothing, Brashy Studios
What is your ultimate grail? A pair of vintage Dior couture jeans. They’re the ones with the gold plate on the back.
What's your process when creating an outfit? I pick a statement piece and then I build around it. I also base my outfits now on a main color and try to match those colors within the piece.
Was your style influenced by your line of work? Or vice versa? Modeling influenced me to be more clean and “back to the basics.” But I’ve also learned how to have my own style and present myself with a “this is who I am” mentality. And I work with brands whose style and aesthetic helps me build my own.
Who or what inspires your style? I get inspiration from my friends and social media. I’ve never had a fashion style icon; I just follow the mood of pieces I have/own. My location inspires my style as well, in LA I can go all out and be street and bold, in NY I’m more toned-down/neutral and in Paris it’s girly and elegant.
How would your coworkers, friends, or peer group describe your style? Street and edgy! Whenever my friends and I go out, they tease me about being the friend always in sneakers and pants.
If your clothing had a theme song, what would it be? Ski Mask The Slump God–‘Catch Me Outside’
What would you never wear? Velvet!

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