Style Talks is a column where we speak to inspirational women about their style, careers, and day-to-day hustle. Photography by Chris Fenimore.

Name: Erin Starkweather
Age: 26
Location: New York
Occupation: PR Manager & Content Editor at CAP Beauty
Favorite designers or brands: I love classics like Celine and Balenciaga, but I'm also really into young designers like Jacquemus, Sandy Liang, and Rosie Assoulin. Sies Marjan is another new brand I'm really intrigued by. I haven't purchased anything from them yet, but I've had my eye on their metallic knits!
Favorite beauty products: Tata Harper is a mainstay in my beauty cabinet. Her products are elegantly formulated, and incredibly effective. The Concentrated Brightening Serum, mixed with the Concentrated Brightening Essence really takes it to another level. In terms of makeup, Kjaer Weis' products are not only beautifully packaged, but are, in my opinion, some of the best products on the market. The foundation is a must-have!
You have a great sense of style—have you always been interested in fashion? Yes, always. Ever since I can remember I've been obsessed with clothes! I've never actually worked in fashion, but I think that has maybe allowed me not to become jaded about the industry since I've been able to enjoy it from strictly a consumer perspective.
Are there any elements of your style today that pay homage to your inner-child? Absolutely! I love to be playful when dressing myself. It's never too serious and I'm always experimenting with colors and patterns. There's always an element of fun.
How does your occupation influence your style? I'm really lucky that I work in a non-corporate, creative environment, so I have the freedom to dress however I see fit. I can express myself through my outfit everyday, but also have the option to turn up to the office in a tracksuit if I have no meetings. On the other hand, I think natural beauty and wellness has a reputation for being "granola" and hippie, even though CAP (and my personal style) could not be further from that. So I think I'm subtly trying to elevate people's view of the natural beauty world through my outfits.
What do you hope to achieve personally when you get dressed each day? Depends on the day! Mostly it comes down to looking at my calendar and putting together an outfit that makes me feel my best and is perfectly suited for whatever I have on the agenda that day.
Natural beauty and sustainable fashion are almost riding the same wave—do you find these industries are taking form together? Do you engage with both? They totally are! When you engage with one, it becomes natural to engage with the other. The more you start thinking about the products you're putting on your body, the more you start becoming aware of your overall impact on the world. I can't say that I only shop from specifically sustainable brands, but I shop in a super sustainable way. I never buy fast fashion, and I'm not an impulse shopper, so I seriously think about every purchase I make. I invest in pieces that I know I'm going to wear forever, and when there's something in my closet that I'm no longer wearing, I sell it. I would rather invest in a few really quality pieces than buy a bunch of stuff that won't last.
What role does beauty play in your overall look? For me, beauty is a further extension of the way I choose to dress every day. Right now I'm into red hair and pretty neutral makeup, but it's ever-changing. Wellness as an aspect of beauty also majorly plays into my look, because I know I look and feel my best when I'm taking time to take care of myself.
Do you have any dressing rules? Honestly, not really. Anything goes! I wish I made more of an effort to always plan out my outfits the night before. That could be a great dressing rule for me to implement.
Who, from the past or present, do you admire style-wise? So many people I follow on Instagram! I get a lot of inspiration there. Rachael Wang, Ramya Giangola and Madeline Poole all have style that I really love.
How do you balance your personal style with trends? I'm not afraid to say I love a trend, but each of my purchases comes with a ton of forethought, which I think allows my personal style to come through.
What are your favorite items in your wardrobe? Do they differ from the items you wear most? My favorite items and my most worn items almost always overlap. The piece that immediately comes to mind as a favorite is a Proenza Schouler leather jacket I bought about 5 years ago. It was a huge purchase for me, and I was nervous about spending so much money on one item. But it has been an absolute staple in my wardrobe that I have worn every winter and fall without fail.
What does your closet look like? Mostly old or new? Minimal or a little of everything? My closet is quite colorful, and mostly (relatively) new. And I'm definitely a maximalist, so there's a bit of everything!

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