Style Talks is a column where New York resident Telsha Anderson speaks to inspirational women about their style, careers, and day-to-day hustle. Photography by Malcolm McNeil.

Name: Indira Scott
Age: 20
Location: New York, NY
Occupation/ Current Hustle: Model + World healer
Favorite hangout in NYC: Currently Central Park to read and meditate.
Favorite place to shop in NYC: I’m usually randomly surfing the web for different sites but if I’m not doing that then I’ll shop at The Reformation.
What was your very first (model) job? It was a Lamar and Dauley campaign when I was in high school before I even knew I liked to model.
What are the three most memorable moments in getting to where you are today?
1. The first and only time I was turned down by an agency because I was inexperienced and lacking confidence, which is key.
2. The general struggle and hustle of life. Everything I didn’t have makes me super appreciative of anything I have now, it also motivates me to ensure that I never struggle again.
3. When I realized my worth and beauty in this world. It was the true turning point in everything because it gave me what so many people (including myself) don’t realize gets you any and everywhere-confidence.
Describe your personal style. Versatile, each of my personalities has a style; I don’t limit myself. Some days I’m super edgy and “sensual,” somedays its long flowy skirts and dresses that reflect my meditative self. I also have a super “boyish” side meaning I wear a lot of baggy pants with basketball shorts under a huge hoodie.
Current top-3 pieces in your wardrobe:
1. Versace shades
2. Faux python flare pants
3. “Save The Planet” hoodie
Does your style represent your personality? 100% more like my personality inspires my style!
Who are your favorite designers? Gucci, Versace, Moschino, Miu Miu: I hope to work with one (if not all) of those brands someday.
What is your ultimate grail? A pair of Gucci flip flops. They were made for me.
What's your process when creating an outfit? It depends on what I’m doing that day. Ultimately, I’m a Gemini and there are two sides to that like there are two sides to my style. One side is edgy and seductive. One side is covered and spiritual. My day-to-day activities and my mood in the morning combined create my style for me.
Was your style influenced by your line of work? Or vice versa? When it comes to modeling, people know who I am before they book me for work. They’ll usually work with me around what I like. I like to represent myself in a way which corresponds directly with my mood or attitude. All in all, my work is influenced by my line of work.
Who or what inspires your style? The frequencies of the universe inspire my style—giving and receiving love and light.
How would your coworkers, friends, or peer group describe your style? Seductive, bold and unimpressionable.
If your clothing had a theme song, what would it be? ‘i’ by Kendrick Lamar
What would you never wear? Animals that were killed for the sake of fashion.

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