Style Talks is a column where New York resident Telsha Anderson speaks to inspirational women about their style, careers, and day-to-day hustle. Photography by Malcolm McNeil.

Name: Lauren Ledford
Age: 25
Location: New York, NY
Occupation/current hustle: Management representative for @jonboytattoo and @shaughnessy
What's your favorite hangout in NYC? Public Hotel. I love grabbing a matcha and sitting outside in their garden area.
What's your favorite place to shop in NYC? Tokio 7 for some fashion gems.
What was your very first job? My first job in fashion was working retail at Coach.
How did you get to where you are today: I studied design in college and from there I worked merchandising for multiple fashion houses. After doing that for a bit, I found myself client booking on the side and from there, I traded my 9-5 in for my 5-grind and decided to work for myself full time.
What are the three most memorable career moments? First, was taking the plunge to move from the South to NYC 3.5 years ago. Second, quitting my cushy corporate job to start managing JonBoy Tattoo. Third, going to Paris Fashion Week for the first time and managing JonBoy's pop up at Colette. The first two taught me that great risks can have great rewards. The third is a reminder to keep dreaming and go for it.
Describe your personal style: Eclectic would be the first word that comes to mind. One day I’m in head to toe streetwear and the next I could personify the term girly-girl.
Current top pieces in your wardrobe: 1. Vintage Louis Vuitton monogram trench coat 2. I.Am.Gia red camo pants 3. White Air Force 1's. I’m also obsessed with my original Fenty Creepers by Rihanna. I’m short, so they add an inch to my height which is excellent.
Who are your favorite designers? Coach, Miu Miu, Fenty x Puma and Off White. Stuart Vevers, Miucca Prada, Rihanna and Virgil Abloh are champions of inspiring feminine street style.
How does style inform your identity: My style changes a lot, as does every day in my life since working for myself. Lucky for me, neither my job or style are dictated by trends.
What is your ultimate Grail: One of the new Off---White binder clip bags!
How do you go about selecting a look before your day starts: The first steps are checking the weather, I’m way too practical for my own good. The second is picking a piece and centering my entire look around it.
Was your style influenced by your line of work? Or vice versa: A little of both! I’m big on bridging the gap between fashion and tattooing, I’m inspired by both. My style is the same way – it bridges the gap between femininity and streetwear.
Who or what inspires your style? I love to test boundaries. "Oh, those sneakers come in men's sizes only?" Challenge accepted. What's the smallest size you have? If something seems off limits I'm going to want to make it work even more.
If your clothing had a theme song, what would it be? Probably "Money" by Leikeli47....not because "I've got money" but because whatever budget you're on, you can still put together an outfit in a way that makes it look like a million bucks.
What would you never wear? I don't wear any fake bags or accessories unless it's a hilarious spoof on a designer. I have a vintage early 90's LV paperboy cap that is not authentic but it's cool because it came from that era of streetwear taking on designer motifs and making it their own. Louis Vuitton never made that so I consider it to be more creative than stealing.

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