Style Talks is a column where we speak to inspirational women about their style, careers, and day-to-day hustle. Photography by Chris Fenimore.

Name: Olivia Rose
Age: 26
Location: New York City
Occupation: Plant Designer/Founder of Bodega Rose
Favorite designers or brands: Kids hustling making their own designs for friends hoping to blow up.
What motivated you to launch Bodega Rose? I have a background in fine art and landscape architecture. Having moved through both of those worlds I know how exclusive and exclusionary they can be. In addition to trying to bring art objects into the world of plants and landscape architecture into the world of art, I wanted to create a hybrid that would leave behind the elitism of both and create something new that’s accessible to everybody. The difference between high and low culture has been destroyed by streetwear and I wanted to bring plants as art objects into the mix.
Why basketballs? Basketball is the sport of the city. Given the lack of space, everyone plays basketball and it’s always been present in my life. More than most sports, basketball is accessible to everyone – there’s no specialty gear or access to expensive playing fields necessary. I started playing around with the idea of using everyday objects from life and childhood in New York into my work with plants. I made a basketball planter and people from all walks of life have really responded to it.
How were you first introduced to fashion? Growing up in NYC, fashion is just a role in our lives whether or not we are intentional about it. You see so many people everyday, it’s impossible for other people’s style to not rub off on you. I went to LaGuardia HS, where everybody was just always doing the most and trying to be an individual or part of a subculture or just construct their identity. I was drawn into the punk scene, making my own clothes, sewing band patches onto every inch of anything I owned. I really like how personal every article of clothing was, and what stories they told. I would just sit in the front row of US History, sewing patches onto my clothes with dental floss and burning the ends with a lighter, it smelled like shit.
Are there any elements of your style that pay homage to your inner-child? I’d say I like to dress playfully and mix styles. A crust punk hoodie with juicy sweatpants and leather Pelle Pelle jacket—ain't nothing wrong with that.
How does your occupation influence your style? I don't wear anything too precious, if I'm too afraid to get soil on it, it probably won't be in the rotation. Workwear and comfort are big for me.
What do you hope to achieve personally when you get dressed each day? I’m lucky if I can achieve a matching set of socks.
Who do you admire style-wise? All the women out there working and looking amazing everyday. I walk around the city and am constantly amazed by the all lewks, slaying hard at 7 am, it's inspiring.
What are your favorite items in your wardrobe? Do they differ from the items you wear most? I'm really into a bunch of these 90s Prada trackpants I have in my closet right now. I got them online so they’re cheap enough that I don’t worry about wrecking them but they’re chic so I can wear them and still feel fashionable.
What does your closet look like? Mostly old or new? Minimal or a bit of everything? My closet looks like a mess. Right now it’s a combination of my own merch, old clothes copped from thrift stores, and some key pieces I've bought on Grailed.
What’s next for Bodega Rose? I signed an NDA, you'll have to wait and see :)

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