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The Cycle of Cycling Shorts

The genesis of major fashion trends, more often than not, can be traced back to a forme...

By Jessa Chargois April 24, 2020 1 Comment
The Weekly Top: Looks for Lounging

Here to help you break out of your old sweatpants rut while social distancing.

By The Heroine Team April 07, 2020 2 Comments
The Weekly Top: Good Finds for Spring

Browse trending listings loved by Heroine staffers.

By Heroine Team March 24, 2020 1 Comment
The Best Designer Handbags to Invest In

A curated roundup of the most iconic handbags to have in your wardrobe.

By Kate Marin March 13, 2020
Master Class
Defying Trends: The History of Clogs, In and Out of Fashion

Though often reviled for their ugliness, clogs have hung around the edges of fashion fo...

By Laura Mc Laws Helms July 08, 2019
Master Class
Jock Couture: The History of Luxury Athleisure

Starting in the 1970s there was a slow encroachment of [athletic styles into high fashi...

By Laura Mc Laws Helms July 01, 2019 2 Comments
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Who is Virginie Viard? Chanel After Lagerfeld.

Last week, Virginie Viard debuted her first collection for Chanel as Artistic Director ...

By Oona Kyung May 09, 2019
Master Class
The Mercurial, Obsessive Life of Karl Lagerfeld

Following his death on February 19th, the media has been aflame with both eulogies and ...

By Laura Mc Laws Helms March 01, 2019
Master Class
Honoring an Icon: Karl Lagerfeld's Greatest Chanel Hits

Honoring the life and influential career of one of the most important men in womenswear...

By Heroine Team February 19, 2019 3 Comments
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Denim: “Young, Sexy, and Rebellious”

Known for its sturdiness and longevity of wear, denim as a fabric long seemed more suit...

By Laura Mc Laws Helms January 14, 2019
Heroine x Treasures of New York: The 90's-Monogram Archive Sale

We teamed up with the reselling powerhouse, [Treasures of New York](https://www.instagr...

By Heroine Team October 31, 2018
Master Class
Unraveling the Archive: Chanel, Spring/Summer 1994

In September 1993, it had been ten years since Karl Lagerfeld accepted the challenge to...

By Pierre A. M'pele October 12, 2018
Shop the Brand: Chanel

By Heroine Team April 02, 2018
Shop the Look: 90s-Inspired Monograms

By Heroine Team January 25, 2018 1 Comment