Master Class
The Cycle of Cycling Shorts

The genesis of major fashion trends, more often than not, can be traced back to a forme...

By Jessa Chargois April 24, 2020 3 Comments
The Weekly Top: An Ode to the 90s

Here's to the decade of overalls, slip dresses and Fiona Apple.

By The Heroine Team April 21, 2020 16 Comments
The Weekly Top: What to Wear Back to the Office

Something to look forward to.

By The Heroine Team April 14, 2020
Master Class
The History of Fendi's Iconic Baguette Bag

The late 90s proved an interesting time for luxury bags. Legacy brands like Hermès and ...

By Martin Lerma April 10, 2020
The Weekly Top: Looks for Lounging

Here to help you break out of your old sweatpants rut while social distancing.

By The Heroine Team April 7, 2020 2 Comments
Designer Deals: The Best Fendi Under $200

Designer Deals is a weekly feature that surfaces the best designer listings from top-se...

By Heroine Team April 24, 2019 1 Comment
Master Class
The Mercurial, Obsessive Life of Karl Lagerfeld

Following his death on February 19th, the media has been aflame with both eulogies and ...

By Laura Mc Laws Helms March 1, 2019
Heroine Steals: February 22, 2019

Heroine Steals is a weekly feature that surfaces the best listings in the Core market o...

By Heroine Team February 22, 2019
Holiday 2018: The Best Fendi Gifts For The Monogram-Obsessed

No other luxury brand boasts a logo that was created in less than five seconds. With it...

By Lauren Sharkey December 19, 2018
Heroine's 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to Heroine's Holiday 2018 Gift Guide, a cohesive shopping guide to make gifting...

By Heroine Team December 6, 2018
Heroine x Treasures of New York: The 90's-Monogram Archive Sale

We teamed up with the reselling powerhouse, [Treasures of New York](https://www.instagr...

By Heroine Team October 31, 2018
Fendi Zucca-Print

By Heroine Team April 6, 2018 1 Comment
Master Class
Unwrapping the History of Fendi's Double-F Monogram

Fendi is fashion’s equivalent of Caesar’s Roman empire: a respected, prosperous affair,...

By Pierre A. M'pele March 1, 2018 1 Comment
Shop the Look: 90s-Inspired Monograms

By Heroine Team January 25, 2018 1 Comment