Master Class
Defying Trends: The History of Clogs, In and Out of Fashion

Though often reviled for their ugliness, clogs have hung around the edges of fashion fo...

By Laura Mc Laws Helms July 08, 2019
Master Class
The Cycle of Cycling Shorts

The genesis of major fashion trends, more often than not, can be traced back to a forme...

By Jessa Chargois June 17, 2019
The Best Grails Under $100: June 11, 2019

Best Grails Under $100 is a weekly feature that surfaces the best designer items under ...

By Heroine Team June 11, 2019
Designer Deals: Prada Under $200

Archival Prada is one of fashion's favorite grails. With simple shapes and unassuming f...

By Heroine Team May 15, 2019
Holiday 2018: The Ultimate Prada Gifts For Women Of Any Generation

Thanks to the tireless work of one woman, the Prada brand has become synonymous with de...

By Lauren Sharkey December 12, 2018
Prada Is Relaunching Linea Rossa For The Next Generation

In the late 90s, Prada dominated. Not with its runway collection but with its much more...

By Lauren Sharkey September 06, 2018 1 Comment
Master Class
Prada's Past, Present & Future

Miuccia Prada is regarded as one of the most influential fashion designers in modern hi...

By Lauren Sharkey July 12, 2018 1 Comment
Heroine Presents: The Ali Michael Archive Sale

Model and sometimes-actress Ali Michael is someone you've likely seen roaming the stree...

By Kate Marin July 09, 2018 1 Comment
The New Headshot: Footwear in the Digital Age

As footwear and sneaker cultures continue to evolve, we explore the sartorial shot from...

By Anaa Nadim Saber May 14, 2018
Prada Under $150

By Heroine Team March 20, 2018
A Woman’s Work: Female Design Legacy in Womenswear

The mere mention of the word ‘fashion’ typically brings about an image of a woman. Whet...

By Moeima Makeba February 09, 2018 1 Comment
Fashion Plagiarism

During the early 1980s, artist Lorraine O’Grady debuted her performance piece, “[Mlle B...

By Kate Marin October 11, 2017 1 Comment
Master Class
An Emerging Medium: The Art of the Fashion Film

Fashion and film have long enjoyed a symbiotic relationship. Designers may draw inspira...

By Emily Manning October 11, 2017 3 Comments