Raf Simons
The Weekly Top: An Ode to the 90s

Here's to the decade of overalls, slip dresses and Fiona Apple.

By The Heroine Team April 21, 2020 1 Comment
Master Class
Calvin, Donna, Ralph: The Struggle of American Fashion Empires

What happens when your label's leader goes out of fashion?

By Martin Lerma November 08, 2019 2 Comments
Master Class
How Cowboy Style Made Its Way Back to the Fashion Frontier

Valentine’s Day, 2017. The day of Raf Simons’ first Calvin Klein showdown. No one knew ...

By Lauren Sharkey May 20, 2019
Master Class
History of Calvin Klein: Minimalism as Modernity

As the fashion press and industry debate Raf Simons’ departure from Calvin Klein and wh...

By Laura Mc Laws Helms February 13, 2019 1 Comment
Master Class
How Calvin Klein’s Slip Dresses Came to Define 90s Fashion

*“Cher, get in here.” “What’s up, daddy?” “What the hell is that?” “A dress.” “Says who...

By Martin Lerma October 03, 2018
Raf Simons And adidas Revisit The Sleek Detroit Runner

Raf Simons—the designer who garners a cult following wherever he goes—has been working ...

By Lauren Sharkey August 21, 2018
Master Class
Raf Simons' Magic Lies In His Lack Of Snobbery

Independent designers are falling by the wayside with increased regularity in recent ye...

By Lauren Sharkey August 15, 2018
Raf Simons Goes Patriotic for Latest Replicant Ozweego

Thanks to the actions of world leaders, showing off your patriotic side may not be top ...

By Lauren Sharkey June 28, 2018
How Raf Simons Is Pushing Calvin Klein’s Stale Sexy Legacy Towards The Future

Calvin Klein was once the brand whose campaigns could launch a thousand ships, if not a...

By Liz Raiss November 13, 2017