When it comes to healthy coping mechanisms for fashion enthusiasts, daydreaming about future fits is second nature. And when it comes to gathering inspiration for them, most of the photos we’ve been religiously saving seem to fall under one decade as of late: the 90s. Admittedly, our undying fascination with this ten-year window of time isn’t exactly a revelation – the trend has been going strong for a few years now. But it’s safe to say that it’s evolved rather tastefully, and if you weren’t convinced about it before, we’re pretty sure you will be now.

The 90s was a captivating cultural landscape bookended by Courtney Love’s babydoll dress and Aaliyah’s iconic little shirt, big pants duo. It’s a seemingly expansive zeitgeist, breeding new ideas and reinvigorating the generations that proceed it. The runways and the streets intersected in a way that they hadn’t before, satirizing and celebrating one another simultaneously. From the irreverent, oversized styles of grunge to more sleek and minimal essentials like the slip dress, the decade offered no shortage of material to experiment with while getting dressed.

This week’s top picks showcase some of the best that the period had to offer, from vintage picks to styles from contemporary brands paying homage to the 90s aesthetic. If you’ve recently been reintroduced to the decade via Fiona Apple’s latest release, then we’ve got something for you in the form of a netted Comme Des Garcons sweater. If your moody songwriter of choice is Hope Sandoval, we’ve picked out some of our a few barely-there crop tops. And every wardrobe needs a pair of platforms (our favorite pair is Prada). Ahead, find the vintage picks the Heroine team can't stop lusting after.

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