As a fashion marketplace that was built for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts, fostering a sense of community amongst our users is core to our mission here at Heroine. Meet the Seller is an editorial feature where we do just that—celebrate some of the outstanding, multi-faceted women on Heroine and share the stories behind their closets. For our latest edition, meet Wave Lachish and shop her closet below.

Tell us a bit about your cultural background—where are you from and where do you live now?
I’m half Japanese and half Israeli, born and raised in Australia. I currently live in Byron Bay, on the East coast of Australia.

How were you introduced to fashion coming from such a small town?
Growing up I spent a lot of time in Japan, my mother would often take me with her to visit our relatives in Tokyo and the countryside. I think being exposed to Japanese style from a young age definitely sparked my interest in fashion.

What do you do for a living? Does it influence your style of dress in any way?
I sell archive designer and vintage pieces for a living. I also do photography from time to time. My work mostly involves sourcing fashion pieces to suit a range of different styles, it definitely influences me to change my personal style of dress all the time.

How were you introduced to reselling?
I’ve always enjoyed collecting designer and vintage pieces for my own personal use, but there's only so much I can fit in my wardrobe, so I decided to start the cycle of reselling. Personally, its a very fulfilling process passing on an item I love to be loved by someone new.

Has social media changed your thought process or method of dressing?
Sure, it’s an abyss of ideas, styles and inspirations daily.

Do you style all your listings yourself? What are the best styling tips you can offer to readers?
Yes, I style all my listings. They are mostly selfies at home or photos I take of my friends! When it comes to styling, I think the approach that never fails and works with any style is: a complimenting silhouette, good quality fabrics, colour-coordination, and the right amount of accessories—minimal or extra, whatever works with the look). Also, add in a vintage piece to a high-end outfit to keeps it unique!

Tell us about your thought process when shopping. Is your relationship with clothing emotional or utilitarian?
A bit of both, the item must be practical, but it has to look and feel good too of course!

What pieces in your wardrobe have you owned and worn the longest?
I still own my first handbag (its a runway piece by Balenciaga), a pair of Margiela Tabi Boots, a few Japanese designer pieces, and an old pair of 501’s to list a few.

Who are your style heroines?
Anyone who stays true to their own genuine style, no matter how unconventional it is, I think that confident vibe shines through and makes any outfit look good

What are your go-to shops in Byron Bay?
I live in a small beach town so clothing stores are pretty limited, I generally make most of my purchases while I travel… but I love to thrift shop and we have plenty of thrift stores where I live. Also, the Bangalow pharmacy is a beautifully curated apothecary/skin care/lifestyle store, its a must if you ever visit Byron Bay.

What's your ultimate grail?
I found a 1999 Comme des Garçons yellow plaid bodysuit while I was traveling. It's like a work of art I could just hang up on the wall… I love it!