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Why is Fashion So Obsessed with Americana Right Now? via Highsnobiety
"In the end, fashion’s current obsession with Americana is multi-faceted. It’s a search for new national identity, a restless game of cultural references, and a reaction to news-infused paranoia. Fashion has a new way of being political, and it’s turning our fears and doubts into products."

Dapper Dan Is Open for Business via Vanity Fair
"Twenty-five years after the Harlem atelier closed its doors, it’s back with a Gucci collaboration and star-studded launch party. 'This moment right now is like a Christmas I never had.'"

How Luxury Italian Fashion Became the Face of British Rave Culture via Hypebeast
"UK Garage looks really embodied the phrase ‘dressing up for the weekend,’ while the rest of the nation walked around in beige," says Nina Manandhar, a photographer who documented the style history of Britain and its subcultures. “I think we brought back what London was missing: the bright colors, the culture, and the attitude.”

Political Fashion Is Nothing New for the Grammys via Racked
"Hopefully, by spotlighting talented women, LGBTQ creatives, and artists of color in the way the Grammys have for years, the Oscars will become a place to have these same crucial conversations about race, sexuality, and gender dynamics. As long as Hollywood red carpets are populated primarily by wealthy white people, after all, we can’t expect any sweeping changes: only pins, ribbons, and the occasional red carpet blackout."

Gucci or Balenciaga: Which Was the Hottest Fashion Brand in 2017 via Business of Fashion
"After analysing data from over 70 million consumers, BoF can reveal that while Balenciaga scored big in the second half of 2017, Gucci triumphed overall, taking the top spot in the Lyst Index 'Hottest Brand' ranking for 2017."

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