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Simone Rocha on the Power of Femininity via Elle
Rocha tells Vogue, "There's a strength that comes from being a woman designing for women and putting my personality and emotions into my pieces—but also having the awareness that it's not just about me."

Why is Fashion Embracing the Glare of the Paparazzi? via Dazed
Dazed looks back on fashion's long relationship with the paparazzi and reflects on how this perspective is making its way into luxury campaigns.

Why Is ‘Absolute Unit’ a Menswear Meme? via The Cut
Emilia Petrarcha explains how the emergence of a new meme-phrase, "absolute unit," parallels the oversized-trend in both men's and women's fashion.

Meet Fashion's First Computer-Generated Influencer via Business of Fashion
"Miquela is computer-generated—and refuses to reveal who is actually behind her meticulously curated, yet clearly artificial persona. 'I'd like to be described as an artist or a singer or something that denotes my craft rather than focus on the superficial qualities of who I am,' Sousa tells BoF over chat."

Azzedine Alaïa: The Final Interview via Vogue
In Azzedine Alaïa's final interview, he tells Tim Blanks about his 30-year friendship with Naomi Campbell—"Naomi is an amazing person; nobody truly understands her. She is much deeper than she first appears. She is quite misunderstood.”

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