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It’s 2018, Ralph Lauren. Why do you think this look is still cool? via The Washington Post
Ralph Lauren has remained headstrong in its design aesthetic to a fault. Robin Givhan of The Washington Post asks, "One sometimes wonders if the design studios at Ralph Lauren are hermetically sealed. Do the windows open? Can any fresh air get in? Are the windows so soundproof that they block out not just the noise of the city but the sounds of an ever-shifting culture?"

As She Purges Her Archive, Norma Kamali Talks About the ’80s and Letting Go via Vogue
Legendary womenswear designer, Norma Kamali, is selling her 50-year-old archive at What Goes Around Comes Around in SoHo. "I just felt that my home, my things, were possessing me,” says Kamali. “You know I saved things, I collected things—beautiful, beautiful things—and I looked around and I felt it was all so beautiful I couldn’t go beyond it."

Chromat's NYFW Bodies Should Be The Rule, Not Exception via Daily Beast
Chromat is notorious for celebrating diversity and using models of all shapes, colors, and sizes on the runway. Tim Teeman of Daily Beast asks why more brands aren't embracing this non-binary approach.

Michèle Lamy, the Style Queen who Packs a Punch via The Guardian
Among many things, Michèle Lamy loves boxing. She tells The Guardian, "I think in today’s political climate you can see it as a metaphor. It’s a sport for women, for every weight, race, gender and background."

It’s Time to Start Respecting Victoria Beckham as a Fashion Designer via The Washington Post
In a succinct 25-look show, Victoria Beckham proved herself a rising force in womenswear. The Washington Post describes her Fall 2018 collection as, "a multi-layered aesthetic focused on modern tailoring, satisfying ease and quiet strength."

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