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Stella McCartney-Kering Break Up Well Underway via BoF
BoF recently announced that Kering is selling its 50 percent share in Stella McCartney's eponymous label. As of now, there is no public explanation for the split.

How to Live, According to Marina Abramovic via Dazed
Marina Abramovic tells Dazed about her latest show, Early Works, at Sean Kelly Gallery in New York, and reflects on her career as a performance artist.

Why Fashion Is Key to Understanding the World of Black Panther via The Atlantic
"A team of more than 30 designers and buyers (six times the size of the modest team Carter helmed for Selma) scoured the globe—from New York to Nairobi to Mumbai—to find robes, headdresses, and intricate jewelry to deliver on Carter’s ambitious vision. The result is stunning sartorial storytelling that weaves the past and the present to imagine a future of fashion."

Street Style is Killing Itself with its Narrow Focus on Thin White Women via The Cut
It's no secret that lack of diversity is a major problem in the fashion industry both on and off the runway. Lindsay Peoples asks: "Are street-style photographers going to stop shooting the same skinny white women over and over again?"

What It Means to Be a Female Fashion Designer in 2018 via Glamour
Glamour speaks to five New-York-based female designers about their roles in a larger conversation on gender politics.