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To Survive, Streetwear Must Abandon Sexism via Hypebeast
Streetwear is male-centric by default but has slowly become an essential part of womenswear. Why do streetwear brands project a "boys' club" mentality through their marketing and advertising techniques? Hypebeast argues, "Given streetwear’s especially strong following of young men and relative youth as a movement, it’s in a unique position to shift the overall rhetoric and effect positive change. That begins with accepting and acknowledging that society’s strongest shield—male privilege—has been a driving factor in breeding the success of streetwear’s 'boys’ club'."

Tess Holliday: Are Things Changing Or Is Fashion Just Patting Itself On The Back? via InStyle
Tess Holiday, a 32-year-old model and body positivity ambassador, says, “When you look at the runways you see one or two plus-size models in some of the mainstream, straight-size designer shows, but we know there’s way more models than just the one or two that we’re seeing. That’s really frustrating."

The Dior Saddle Bag is Back (Again) via iD
The Dior Saddle Bag—like many other early-2000s staples—has made its way back into the world of modern fashion. iD explains, "Beyond consolidating the brand’s DNA in an age of derivativeness, the reissuing of the Saddle Bag makes for great Instagram fodder. It’s a smart move. A quick scroll on Insta, and already the pipes are clogging up with the returned must have bag."

The Modeling World’s Sudanese Stars Share Their Stories via Vogue
George Okeny and Angok Mayen are two Sudanese models who have graced runways around the world. Vogue brings to light a story not typically addressed, sharing, "For Okeny and Mayen, both of whom are among the millions of refugees displaced by Sudan’s violent civil wars missing out on key bookings due to green card troubles or feeling they have to conceal their careers from the most important people in their lives have been issues. For Nyasiase, a citizen of South Sudan, the journey is different but stereotyping and discrimination still exist."

11 Women on Phoebe Philo’s Céline Era via The New York Times
As an unforgettable era of Celine comes to a close, The New York Times talks to eleven women about Phoebe Philo's impact on both the label and on women of all occupations and backgrounds.