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Will Diet Prada Save Fashion From Itself? via Paper
Paper talks to Diet Prada about the complexities of the fashion industry and how many brands thrive on exploitation. "Fashion has its merits, but it's also an extremely self-protective industry that's built on exploitation of all sorts, not just design and IP theft, but also unfair labor, model abuse, [and] environmental impacts."

It Turns Out Bill Cunningham Wrote a Secret Memoir via The Cut
On Bill Cunningham's memoir hitting bookstores in September, Christopher Richards, an editor at Penguin says, "For me, this book is really for those of us who came to New York with a dream and saw New York City as a real oasis of creativity and freedom, a place to be who we want to be. It’s a really beautiful story about a young, artistic man finding his way in the city, in a particular kind of bohemian world that doesn’t quite exist anymore.”

We Can Basically Confirm that Dolce & Gabbana x Supreme Is Probably Happening, Almost Officially via Garage
Stefano Gabbana and multiple Supreme news accounts have been confusing followers with posts teasing a potential collaboration between the Italian fashion house and New York's most coveted streetwear brand.

Miuccia Prada: The Vogue Interview via Vogue
"Conversation with Prada is intense. She fiddles obsessively with a sugar sachet as we speak and describes thoughts as bouncing along in her agile mind, like parkour. We talk about what smart women should look like. Prada doesn't subscribe to an intellectual dress code. 'A clever woman can also be super-sexy, super-naked, she can be whatever she wants. If you want to go out naked or whatever, it's perfectly fine with me — except it's a choice. I don't think there is a look for an intelligent, militant woman. She can wear anything she wants.'"

Why Women Have Fallen In Love With Craig Green via Vogue
Women have been wearing menswear pieces by Craig Green for years, and he is finally addressing the needs of his female customer base directly. “It’ll be interesting to explore in the way that we approach the menswear but completely differently in the way that we style it and trim it into womenswear. It’s like it’s got its own voice. It’s got its own strength — equal to the men’s.”