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Why Do We Wear Words? via Ssense
"A word can be an incantation, it can be a mantra, it can be a hex. When a word is worn across the chest, what is being done with it? Why 'Hollywood'? Why 'Future'? Is it engaging in a form of magic, a form of manifestation? Or is it an attempt at aligning with an idea, the act of meditating on a cypher until its meaning is encompassed?"

How Virgil Abloh's Louis Vuitton Menswear Could Change Women's Fashion via Garage
"Over the past several years, several shifts have made fashion—by which I mean womenswear—as much an entertainment force as a business one. The new red carpet economy, the churn of social media, and the 'off-duty' style boom have brought fashion front and center in pop culture, which means that the average person is often as familiar with the latest Vetements show and designer shakeups as they are with the Academy Award nominees and new Drake single. But that’s also put a lot of pressure on the world of women’s fashion—to develop social media moments, to dress celebrities who aren’t just at events but merely hanging out, to create 'viral' clothing and accessories like platform Crocs. This is a phenomenon that Abloh himself knows well; the police had to be called to control the crowds at his most recent Off-White womenswear show."

Is Fashion’s Trendiest, Troll-iest Brand Dead or Not? via The Cut
"Highsnobiety’s article relied on testimony from anonymous buyers, former Vetements employees, and sales associates who all said that sales were down for the Zurich-based brand. One said, 'From a retail standpoint, Vetements is completely dead. Over the course of two seasons no one is even looking at it. Sales have dropped dramatically to the point where you are now seeing Vetements on sale on various outlets at 60-70% off.'”

Spice Girl Sneakers Are Now Available In The US, So Get Ready To Zig-A-Zig-Ah via Bustle
"And while you're mentally preparing yourself to bring back plastic mini skirts and body glitter to pay homage to the girl group (Rihanna already has us covered on the latter,) there's one more thing you can buy to bring that girl band touch to your wardrobe: Spice Girls sneakers. They are officially back and ready to take over the sartorial scene."

5 Emerging Designers to Know From Seoul Fashion Week Fall 2018 via Vogue
"Seoul Fashion Week was quiet this season, due to the ongoing departure of brands for London and Paris, as well as the low energy street style, not helped by the falling snow and rain. There was also a sense of stagnation. As many Korean designers tend to jump too easily from trend to trend, Vogue Runway has called for consistency—yet it is worth noting here that consistency does not mean retreading the same designs season after season, which a few chose to do. The eye craved something new. It was refreshing, then, to visit Generation Next, an ongoing showcase for emerging talent that had its strongest showing in many seasons."