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The Day Warby Parker Lost Its Cool via Forbes
"Over April Fools’ weekend, Warby Parker tried to get a few cheap laughs by announcing a fake partnership with the fast-food chain Arby’s that would be called–you guessed it–WArby’s...But an ill-conceived joke like this one will only alienate Warby Parker’s existing fans, and it isn’t likely to win over the Arby’s crowd. For a brand under pressure to rake in massive amounts of revenue, dad jokes are probably not the best approach."

Apparel Resale Market Expected to Hit $41 Billion by 2022 via WWD
"Resale is set to grow from 6 percent to 11 percent of closet share, while direct-to-consumer options will be at 11 percent from 7 percent, Amazon Fashion will come in at 4 percent from 2 percent and subscription and rental at 2 percent from about 1 percent."

Dazed Founder Jefferson Hack—A Lifetime of Breaking New Grounds via 1Granary
"The goal was to create the kind of party that never ended. When you were being social, you were making and doing something together. The magazine was almost like a newsletter for that group mindset. It was almost like a National Geographic analogy: the magazine is the magazine of the society, and the society is about this whole bigger exploration of the actual world around it. We felt like this small group of people that were in a collective, who wanted to always explore the boundaries of art, fashion, photography, music, performance. The magazine was this occasional output from it."

Meet the Meiers: Secrets to a Successful Workplace Romance with Luke and Lucie Meier of Jil Sander via Ssense
"Luke and Lucie Meier are the aesthetic epitome of the work-life balance. Before their appointment as the creative director duo of Jil Sander, Luke worked as the head designer of Supreme and co-founded the brand OAMC, while Lucie joined Dior as head designer after working at Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga. They have also been in love with each other since their student days and married for a decade."

Even Comme des Garcons is Launching a Direct-to-Consumer Brand via GQ
"Adrian Joffe, Comme des Garçons’ CEO, told WWD this much at an opening party for the brand’s retail shop Dover Street Market in China: “Nobody knows yet, but what I can tell you is it’s going to be Internet based.” We also know that it’s launching in July, and that Kawakubo herself is designing the website."