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These Are the Most Exciting Designers in New York Right Now via iD
"The city that never sleeps has woken up to a new generation of talent. Diverse, wild, inclusive and radical, New York fashion is making a brand new start of it."

Why Brands Are Under Increasing Pressure to Be Transparent About What They Believe In via AdWeek
"'If you have a clear idea what you’re about, and you’re willing to take a stand, your customers will respect you and things will work out,' says Cards Against Humanity’s Temkin. 'If you’re constantly making every decision on a piecemeal basis, or trying out activism as the buzzword for 2018, people will see through it.'"

All in the Family: Why Heritage Logos Are Back After Having Never Left via Ssense
"Today’s logomania makes brand recognition seem both rarified and ordinary, precious because it’s ubiquitous. It is meant to look as distinctive and be read as easily as a surname."

Meet Halima Aden, The First Hijabi Model On The Cover Of Vogue via Vogue
"I feel like it’s my job to set the precedent for other girls, so that girls entering the industry shouldn’t be afraid to ask for a private dressing area or a female stylist. I’ve already done it. It hasn’t held me back: I dress differently from other girls, but if some skin is showing, I say, can we switch it? Doing it the right way, it’s about who you are – it’s not always about fitting in."

Stella McCartney: ‘Only 1% of clothing is recycled. What are we doing?’ via The Guardian
"I come at fashion with lightness of heart. I shot my last ad campaign in a landfill site for a reason, and to make a point, obviously. But the models looked happy, there was lightness, there was colour. My messaging is not the kind that is going to make you panic or feel rubbish about yourself or not sleep at night, because I don’t think that achieves much."