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The Big Buzz Is This: Anthony Vaccarello Will Show Saint Laurent in New York via Vogue
"The word on the street is that Saint Laurent’s Anthony Vaccarello is going to show in New York on June 6, a week where international names are already gathering in the city thanks to the CFDA Awards, which will be held on June 4. It would certainly realize something Vaccarello has talked about in the past. In fact, after the blockbuster presentation of the house’s Spring 2018 collection in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower last September, he mentioned maybe doing a show in New York at some point."

Why Food Merch is Having a Fashion Moment via Fashionista
"Restaurants across the globe have, of course, been selling merch and trinkets on their own for years, as seen on a generation of tourists who collected Hard Rock Cafe tees and a certain ilk of college coeds who seemingly received Señor Frog's merch upon matriculation. There is precedent for a crossover with legitimate fashion brands, too. Indie label Telfar, for example, has been working with White Castle for years, and the late Parisian boutique Colette collaborated with McDonald's back in 2015. The appeal of collections like those, and to a degree, merch made by restaurants themselves, often comes from an appreciation for irony and kitsch, not unlike the way in which it is currently chic to wear a thousand dollar designer piece made to look like a $10 Canal Street bootleg."

5 Years On From The Rana Plaza Collapse, How Much Has Actually Changed? via Vogue
"Facts, figures and statistics all too often obscure the real-life stories of workers, making this routine exploitation difficult to humanise. 'When brands report on progress, most focus on the environmental side as opposed to their social impact,” reiterates Somers. “This means their customers have virtually no way of knowing if brands’ policies and procedures are truly effective and driving improvements for the people making our clothes.'"

'How to Slay': Black Fashion Has Made its Mark on World Culture via Chicago Tribune
"[Constance C.R.] White, a former style reporter for The New York Times, magazine editor for Essence and the first black executive fashion editor at Elle, has written a book that looks back on the greatness that is black style. 'How to Slay: Inspiration From the Queens and Kings of Black Style' is a tome of black fashion in America from the 20th century to the present, featuring stylish icons in the black community."

Independent fashion magazines are on the rise in China as they focus on style outside the mainstream via South China Morning Post
"Because of the nature of these small scale offline publications, there are risks there, but in a funny way, there’s a sense of a little more freedom at the edges. Like anything else, it’s a gamble – maybe no one’s ever going to see it. That also could be why there’s this feeling that there’s a little bit more space, it’s a little looser. There’s more room to try and experiment, subconsciously that must be one reason it’s appealing to people.”