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Andy Warhol's Interview Magazine Has Folded via Huffington Post
Interview closes its doors amid a whirlwind of controversy in the last few weeks. The magazine was recently slapped with a $600,000 lawsuit from Baron and Baron’s wife, stylist Ludivine Poiblanc. Baron, who resigned in April, contends the magazine owes him “over $500,000 from invoices between 2015 and 2018” as well as another $66,000 for Poiblanc for her work, according to Page Six.

Influencer-Favorite Label I.Am.Gia Brought Instagram to the Runway in Sydney via Fashionista
In Sydney, I.Am.Gia unveiled a collection entitled "Inception" consisting of more than 60 runway looks (including the surprise debut of menswear) that Diet Prada immediately compared to Tom Ford-era Gucci and Brazilian label Zoomp. In a savvy "see now, buy now" marketing move, 10 of the looks were immediately available for purchase online, while the rest of the pieces will drop in batches over the next two months.

KENZO’s Cinematic Storytellers Carol Lim and Humberto Leon via Ssense
Since the beginning, we’ve always brought culture into the brand. We’ve always been in different worlds and love to include our friends in fashion. Carol and I, we dip in and out of film and working with musicians, whether through a project with Solange or working with Spike Jonze on a movie. This idea of a cross-intersection of culture has been an authentic way for us to express our ideas. We started doing fashion films when we joined KENZO six years ago. It’s been interesting to see our work develop and shared on channels that aren’t fashion-specific.

A New Art-Fashion Label Is Exploring Asian-American Identity via Vogue
“We make the clothes and use those moments to help tell the story,” Nguyen says. “We see fashion as a vessel for us to have this dialogue we’re interested in, about race, about sexuality, about identity.” Specifically, Chew explains, they hope to explore those common Asian-American experiences: reinforced racial and sexual stereotypes of gay Asian men on Grindr, the intraracial competition stoked by tokenism, or the pain of not fully belonging in America or Asia.

What Katharine Hepburn and Courtney Love Taught Me About Glamour and Grunge via Man Repeller
While these two women’s legacies might be diverge, they both rejected the expectations forced onto women and embraced their nonconformity. They stood at the apex of transgression, femininity and power and helped me find my own path to self-expression.