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Operating Off-the-Grid with MISBHV via SSENSE
Being here helps to keep us grounded. I think as you mature you understand more and more that staying true to yourself is the only way to survive in this world. This why we are doing our first show in Warsaw and not in Paris. If you would have asked us this a few years ago, we would say “Paris!” But why get swallowed up in all of this? We have something very special here. We want to show it and we’re proud of it.

The Vogue 25: Meet The Women Shaping 2018 via Vogue
Power and influence now take many forms. It does, however, still require an eye-watering level of achievement, regardless of age (the oldest entry, Baroness Hale, is 73; the youngest, Dua Lipa, is 22). It also demands the ability to inspire, and the clout to change the conversation. Drawing from the worlds of politics, fashion, the arts, media and sport, we have had to make notable omissions. For some, authority remains too precarious (Theresa May), for others it is eternal (the Queen). So these are the women of this year: the Vogue 25, an extraordinary cast of leaders defining – and redefining – the way we live now.

9 References to Death in Gucci's Cruise Show via The Cut
Michele is known to throw in odd references in his show (the Yankees logo in the middle of his show featuring dragons comes to mind). This time, the Chateau Marmont logo appeared on several outfits, including the hotel’s unofficial mascot Pan, the god of the wild, shepherds, and flocks. The famous L.A. hotel is said to be haunted by the ghost of John Belushi, who died on the premises.

The McQueen Documentary Tells The Story of The People Who Carry His Legacy via Vogue
When Bonhôte (producer and co-director) and Ettedgui (writer and co-director) proposed their concept to a series of distributors in February 2017, it was financed within three days. “We wanted to make a really respectful cinematic version of Lee’s story,” Bonhôte tells Vogue. “You could go very tabloid and sensationalist, but we wanted to put his work at the film’s centre, and to try to tell his life from the fashion shows. People were excited about this.”

Is Gucci Stylish or Tacky via The New York Times
Here—at the rowdiest, most alluring and zeitgeist-specific new store to arrive in SoHo in years—the tug of war over what it means to create, or purchase, a luxury item is at full power. Over the last few years, the idea of luxury has grown enough to include the stylish and unstylish, the well-to-do and the aspiring, the sincere and the ironic, the real and the fake. It is not an exclusive preserve. It is a reference point, an idea that’s malleable.